What do you get when you mix glamour girls, bad boys, musical icons, and booze? You could either get your next major headline or a fabulous cocktail that can jumpstart any party. While we love juicy gossip, the highly secretive 5-star drinks savored by the rich and famous have been rarely revealed…until now. We've chatted with top mixologists, discovered celebrity-studded restaurants, and even dug up guarded recipes from the stars themselves just so we can have a taste of the top drinks that are making the rounds at A-list bashes. If you haven't been invited to any Hollywood soirées lately or can't afford to make reservations to a celeb's hideaway, don't worry because we're ready to quench your thirst for all things famous and delicious. Here are our top celebrity cocktails that are guaranteed to lift anyone's spirits.


Celebrity Inspiration: Ne-Yo

Just like the name of this drink, Ne-Yo's musical talents can't be denied, making him sought after by celebrities wanting to release their next big hit. As a singer, Ne-Yo topped Billboard charts with R&B songs, like "Closer" and "Miss Independent." As a songwriter, he has collaborated with divas, including Rihanna, Whitney Houston, and Beyonce Knowles. Ne-Yo is able to wear many hats in the music industry, so it comes as no surprise that he likes his drinks to be just as diverse. Combining his favorite spirits, Hennessey and TY KU Premium Liquor, Ne-Yo created The Godzilla. Fellow celebrities Jamie Foxx and Ludacris have been spotted sipping The Godzilla, in hopes of looking just as debonair as Ne-Yo. For a smooth drink that contains aphrodisiacs, The Godzilla is the best choice to make any guy feel like a gentleman.

TY KU Premium Liqueur
Orange peel

Combine equal parts of TY KU liqueur and Hennessey. Serve over ice with an orange peel for garnish.

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