The Top 15 Boy Bands Of All Time

One Direction

All girls look to the guys in boy bands to help them get through their awkward preteen years. These handsome guys always tell you they love you, that you're smart, beautiful, and the only one for them. Their signatures in magazines are always dotted with hearts, they always look as if they can look off the page into your soul. Is it any wonder that boy bands continue to be popular with young girls?

(BTW: Boy bands aren't just popular with young girls. Women continue to stay faithful to their bands as they grow older, hence the popularity of the recent "NKOTBSB" tour featuring 90's sensations  Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block.) Some of the best boy bands have turned into music legends, read on to find out who!

1. One Direction

One of the most popular boy bands to come out of England in many years, One Direction was groomed by producer Simon Cowell after they came in third place on 2010's "X-Factor." They were the first boy band to gain much of their success through the use of social media to connect with their fans. For Directioneers, the guys are known best by their first names only; Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam.

One Direction's Twitter account had amassed 18 million followers by March 2014 with the account gaining followers at an average of 21,000 per day. One Direction is about to hit the road on a world tour starting in April 2014. They were named the most charitable musicians in 2013 behind Taylor Swift by

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