George Clooney is a strange player in the entertainment world. While widely renowned as an A-list movie star with universal sex appeal, Clooney's film career isn't as rife with blockbuster hits as one may think.

He does have the fashionably discredited, and thusly underrated, Ocean's series, but today's Cary Grant has only two films, The Perfect Storm and Batman and Robin, that grossed over $100 million domestically. The majority of his films are what one might call prestige films - vehicles to exhibit his considerable acting and directing talent. This is possibly because his star was so bright from E.R. that he did not need to use film to establish his name. And thankfully so.

From Out of Sight to Solaris, from Syriana to Three Kings, Clooney has shown an aptitude for a range that has been underappreciated by the film world. Moreover, with Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Good Night, Good Luck, Clooney has solidified his status as an up-and-coming director. Both films illustrate such a unique look and solid narrative with ambivalent characters, that one can only wonder what else Clooney will provide for his audience.

But one cannot appreciate the sweet without the sour, and George is no more immune to Hollywood missteps than the next actor, so below you can see not only the three best by every girl's 46-year-old heartthrob, but also his worst.

The Worst

3. The Perfect Storm

This film was a monster at the box office, raking in $328 million worldwide and proving that Clooney could attract an audience on the big screen without wearing a costume. Unfortunately for film lovers, this movie kinda sucked. The relationship drama was hackneyed and lame, while the crew infighting and camaraderie did little to raise many moviegoers' interest. To be sure, there were leagues and leagues of violent water, but, alas, not enough to wash this film from the silver screen.

2. The Peacemaker

This film goes down in history as one of the most forgettable films of all time. Clooney, an Army something-or-other, has to stop a nuclear-armed Russian from blowing up New York with the help of a nuclear bomb expert, played by Nicole Kidman. There was very little surprise or intrigue in "The Peacemaker," and when trying to summarize the film's events, dozens of other films with similar plots also come to mind.

1. Batman and Robin

This film is just bad. All we need to say is that the two worst, and in a way perversely best, aspects of this film are the widower Mr. Freeze and the nipples peeking their tips through the B&R plastic suits. Classic.

The Best

3. Syriana

This film, written and directed by Stephan Gaghan, is as Peter Travers might say, "A tour de force." In just over two hours the audience is treated to the many sides and perspectives that make up America's interest in foreign oil in the Middle East. Clooney, a CIA agent on the verge of termination, tries to figure out what's going on and who is screwing whom. Rightfully, Clooney won the Academy Award for this role.

2. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

We still cannot fathom why this movie is so under the radar. In his directorial debut, Clooney plays Jim Byrd, the man who recruits Chuck Barris into the CIA. As the film unwinds we see their relationship take many twists and turns, but it is captivating the whole way through. As for his direction, Clooney creates a grainy, smoky look that, when combined with testimonials by real-life acquaintances of Barris, produces a film that should be much wider recognized than it already is.

1. O Brother, Where Art Though?

"I don't want FOP, I'm a Dapper Dan Man." This film, the title of which is taken from the film within Preston Sturges' Sullivan's Travels, is possibly one of the top 10 films of all time. Containing equal parts folly and heart, this modern day "Odyssey" is a masterpiece made possible by the one-of-a-kind performance by Clooney. He plays Everett, fashioned after Ulysses, who tries to break free from bondage to stop his wife from remarrying. Along the way he and his two chained brethren encounter sirens, a Bible-selling Cyclopes and the suitor, Vernon T. Waldrip, who is trying to take his family from him. Moreover, this film has a distinct forest green tinge that only enhances the depression-era feel. If you haven't seen this film see it, and if you have, see it again.

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Story by Taylor Tepper
Starpulse contributing writer