It was summer's last weekend, which culminated with Kerry's birthday party.

There were some honest to goodness life lessons in this episode taught by – and I can't believe I'm saying this: Brian and Kerry.

I have a newfound respect for Brian. Turns out he is former buff, gym rat from Staten Island who moved to Manhattan, lost weight, and let his fashionista flag fly. As an outer boroughs person myself (The Bronx), I totally can relate to him.

This week he headed across the Varranzano for a BBQ at his parent's house, where of course the mandatory fix up awaits. Right before this he had another date with Nichole who loves children. Apparently the fact that he wants to get married, but not have kids – ever – was a deal breaker. So when he is introduced to the girl at the BBQ who starts talking about how she hopes someday to be a mother, well...nice meeting you, bye. After the guests leave, his mother yells at him for not giving the fix up girl a chance.

Lesson 1: Know your own mind.

I really like that Brian knows himself and will not be guilted into doing what is not right for him by saying, "I'm 29 years old. When I meet someone and there's no spark, that's it." His mom continues on about how it's not about beauty on the outside, but what's on the inside. Brian counters, by telling her that he's tired of this insulting idea that attractive people can't also be good on the inside. He then reminds her that she's never getting grandchildren from him. Period.

I am officially declaring Brian a catch. Go tweet him right now and set up a date.

Kerry lets her friend Taylor set up a date for them with Steven the gynecologist and Tripp the artist. Neither occupation interests her but as always she says she'll be open. Who is whose date is not established; they're playing it by ear. They go to a restaurant where Kerry and Taylor make a scene acting like idiots. (My husband walked through the room at this point, looked at them, then looked at me like he couldn't believe he was married to someone who would watch this show. I told him it was for my job. He told me to quit).

Lo and behold, Tripp is not put off by Kerry's immaturity one bit and jumps in on the action. The two have now paired off, even though she says that long haired, boho, artsy guys are not usually her type. Eventually they both declare the evening, "The best date ever." She invites him to her party.

Lesson 2: No matter how many people find you irritating, there's someone who will find you endearing.

As for the rest of them:

Another scene from 'Sex And The City' is played out – the one where Berger picks up a ball gowned-Carrie on a motorcycle – when Francesco rolls up on his hog for his date with Ericka, who is in a lovely, short, swingy dress, designer heels and clutch. It was another successful get-together where he is charming and cute, and Ericka is flattered. They go on a picnic and he tells Ericka that she is beautiful in five languages. Got it: He's suave. But I just do not see the chemistry here.

I think for right now she wants positive attention and he's giving it to her, although viewers (me included) and now her mom, are waiting for Lee to step up and ask her out. Let's remember, she has been giving the signals that she likes him.