Seriously, I could shake these people.

Like so many singles I have known in my life, the cast chews your ear off about how they want a relationship, they want to be in love, they want to meet somebody…and then all they do is sabotage an opportunity that comes their way.

The theme this week was Dates: The Good, The Bad and The Obnoxious; as three out of the five people who actually appeared prominently on the show this week went on ones that just did not work out. Was it them or was it the person they went out with? As often is the case in most situations, there's enough blame to go around.

Brian, the former lawyer turned clothing store owner – who is often mistaken for gay -- admires the relationship of his law school friend and current business partner Matt and wife Laura. “That’s what I want.”

Matt says he could have it, if Brian stopped attracting the crazies. Brian admits he just can't help it because apparently he thinks women are cars or old houses, that's why he refers to them as “fixer-uppers.”

Is there really anything more arrogant than someone who thinks that he is so perfect that he chooses “damaged” people to help change, rather than find someone he likes just as they are? Brian needs to fix himself first, before actually being able to be in a relationship with someone other than himself and his clothes.

As far as his date: He's not to blame for the choice of companion. He allowed Matt and Laura to pick this woman who had offered herself to Brian on the BravoTV website. She took a great picture, but upon meeting her at the restaurant, it took about two seconds for Brian to realize that, not only was there no chemistry, but this whiny woman, who drank too much and said “like” like every other word, was not for him. He managed to sit half way through dinner and then had enough. I wish he hadn’t made up a lie about there being a problem down at the store and been more forthright about why he thought the date should end, although I can’t fault him about wanting to just to get the hell away from her.

Speaking of not being able to get away from somebody fast enough: Lee’s date bailed in what seemed like a New York minute. It was clear to her from the get-go that there was no spark. She could have simply left, but took the opportunity to make some disdainful comment about his bow tie, criticized the wine bar he chose because she doesn't drink, and didn’t like that he left his phone on the table. Then she twirled her (metaphorical) cape like Betty Davis and exited stage left.

I think she actually did him a favor by ending the date because, quite frankly, I thought she was very rude, however she did have a point: he didn't consult her on whether she would like to go to the place he chose and he did keep his cell on the table.

The phone was also an issue when Ericka went out with Jerome, one of the guys she had met last week. He was handsome and interested in her, yet she behaved like a ‘Law & Order’ detective; grilling the guy rather than engaging in a conversation with him. She took a business call at the table, about which he very graciously said he understood. When she found out though that he was 24 to her 38 years, and lived with his parents, that was the deal breaker.

I can’t blame her. She wants to get serious, so Junior, I mean Jerome, was not the guy, but if she had asked some of these questions on the pre-date phone call, perhaps Ericka would have been spared what Don Henley once sang about: the worthless evening.

Ericka let him down easy and he was a good sport, half-joking, “When you do find a husband, I’ve got to talk to him about getting you to shut that phone off.”

For me, the highlight of the first half-hour was when Ericka and Lee met up after their respective bad dates to commiserate. The BravoTV polls went wild with the overwhelming sentiment being the two have a lot of chemistry and they should be dating. Ericka, must have agreed, because she put the signals out to Lee, who sat there with a deer in headlights look on his face, instead of making a move. Honestly, he’s got this beautiful woman in front of him who’s age-appropriate, successful and looking for love just as he says he is and…nothing. What more does he want?

On the other end of the spectrum, Joey and Kerry actually went on really nice dates with men who seemed to take a genuine interest in them, and they both acted unappreciative and immature.

Joey met Anthony for a second date at the pool atop the Empire Hotel. I voted against Anthony last week as I saw this going nowhere, but did Joey listen? Nooooooo.

Yes, there's a physical attraction between the two men, and they even got mildly physical, then they agreed to a third meeting. In the world of dating this is called natural progression: you like the way someone looks, you both enjoy each other's company, so you continue seeing each other and each time you do, you get to know each other a little bit more.

Joey seems to want to speed date, as in have the whole relationship take place in the time it takes to watch the show. He spent an afternoon with Tabasum (plucking her eyebrows) and started to hem and haw about not knowing if things were right with Anthony, and didn’t know why Anthony liked him. It was excuse making at its finest. He’s just not as interested in Anthony as he'd hoped, doesn’t want to be the bad guy and admit it, so he’s trying to find fault with the other person.

Their third date, a picnic on The Highline, had Joey asking Anthony, “Why do you like me? You don't ask me enough questions about myself?” Me. Me. Me.

I thought Anthony’s answer was quite normal: he’s physically attracted and likes hanging out as well as hopeful the relationship will go somewhere.

Joey started nitpicking in that, “Yeah, but…” way that people do when they're trying to pick a fight or make a problem to justify that they just don't want to date the person anymore. The reality is that Joey thinks there's something better out there and did the dump right there high above Tenth Avenue.

There’s a part of me that admired Joey’s nipping this in the bud, but at the same time he tried to turn the tables and make the problem about Anthony. Even Joey admitted his behavior is rather immature.