Man stealing, stalking and set ups. Oh, yes.

As I continue to watch this show, I’m beginning to vacillate between physical pain and boredom. The theme of this week’s episode was No Chemistry – some real and some imagined.

There were dates galore though: Lee and a woman named Saida, Brian and Nichole, Tabasum and Vedent, Kerry and Chris, Ericka and Francesco, Joey and a room full of guys at the Hell’s Kitchen haunt, Boxers.

Lee has yet to take my advice and date Ericka. I think these two know that once they start seeing each other, it will be the end of dating other people. For all they say about wanting to find love, the thought of it must scare them both, so they are avoiding each other because in reality they are not ready.

Hence, even though Lee invited Ericka as well as the other cast members to his fundraiser, he brought a date. Saida is beautiful and had a lovely personality – and a purity ring. She is saving herself for marriage and this must also include kissing on the mouth because at the end of their very nice evening all Lee got was a peck on the cheek. Lee saw this as more of a diss than a chastity thing, so even though there was enough chemistry with Saida to merit a second date, when he saw his brother the next day, the implication was that none of us will be seeing Saida again.

Lee then pointed out how gorgeous Ericka had looked at the affaire, but said that he didn’t want to force anything, if it happens it happens.

NOTE TO LEE: This is not ‘Sixteen Candles’, where you hang around someone in a group for months and then one night a slow dance in the high school gym ends in a kiss. You need to call and make a date with Ericka so she knows that your intention is to see her romantically – no ambiguity. 

Ericka by the way is not waiting around. After seeing that Lee was at the fundraiser with a date, she made the rounds and interrupted the conversation between Tabasum and a man named Francesco, who’d approached Tab seeming interested. Whether she did this just to have someone to talk to or to purposely hijack her castmate's propective guy, isn't clear. Honestly though, it wasn’t all her fault. The minute Francesco turned his attention to her, he might as well have turned back to Tab and said, “I’m just not that into you.” He made a date with Ericka.

NOTE TO THE OTHER MEN ON THE SHOW: That’s how it’s done.

Sadly though, I thought their date was a bust. Even though Francesco is very nice and charming, there is something too young about him, and I don’t mean chronologically; it’s more emotionally or mentally. I think Ericka knows it too, but she seems so desperate to get beyond a first date with someone (anyone) that I think she’ll give this guy a second try. I see this going nowhere.

Speaking of second tries: Kerry and Chris went on date two and as I predicted, Kerry blew it. This time he took her dancing. This guy is handsome, fun, upfront, and quite nice. He pointed out something that was brought up in another episode with another couple, and that is Kerry never really asked any questions about him on their last date.

NOTE TO EVERYBODY: It’s not just about you. Ask about the other person. How will you know if you actually like him/her if you know nothing about them?

Kerry decided there was no chemistry and ditched Chris via text. This was a big audience voting controversy. They only had two dates, so I had less of a problem than everyone else that she broke up with him electronically as I did that she broke up with him at all. He was a keeper. There was chemistry, which she would have noticed if she took more of an interest in anything other than herself. Bad call, Kerry.

There was however no romantic chemistry between Brian and his date Nichole, who is out of his league. Even he couldn’t believe that she was out with him. They went on a fun date, where they joked around and got chummy, but for me the evening screamed: “Friends!” Yes, they made out before he put Nichole in a cab, but there were no sparks. He is kidding himself if he thinks there was. 

Tabasum didn’t kid herself when she went to meet Vedent, the investment banker whom her sister set her up with. He hadn’t even finished his meal before she told him he was a great guy, but he wasn’t for her, then got up and left.

She went to date vicariously at Boxers, a place that attracts gay men and where Joey tweeted to the world he would be at. Again, a move out of a John Hughes movie: “Hey, my parents aren’t home. Party at my place. Come one, come all.” And they did. Joey had quite a selection of men to choose from. He decided to pick two and have the audience vote for which to go out with: J.D. or Warner. We find out next week.

But as it happens when you blast your whereabouts all over social media, you have to expect the unexpected: Anthony showed up. Their reunion conversation began friendly enough, but took a turn because Anthony did not appreciate being dumped on TV. Joey stormed out and Tabasum followed remarking that Anthony needed to get over it and move on. This is the part where I get to say, "I told you so," as I advised Joey not to go out with Anthony in the first place.

I am getting so exasperated by all of them and their collective bad judgment. Molly Ringwald and “Ducky” had a better shot at love than these people.