Classic Internet Challenges That Will Still Amuse You

Challenges have been a popular pastime for many over the years, in particular for those who are firmly connected to the internet. For those who don't know what the gist of challenges is, basically, it's different kinds of tests to see either how far or what kind of reactions you will have while doing them. Or, pretty much, how big of a fool you can make out of yourself for the entertainment of your audience.

However not only famous YouTubers are limited to these challenges, but they're also always free to do with your friends to give yourselves a nice laugh and possibly a hospital bill.

The Oreo Challenge:

Starting off with something a bit tamer is the Oreo challenge. Go to the store and buy many different flavors of Oreos and then invite a friend over. You can allow your friend to see what kinds of Oreos you have bought, however, for more fun, make sure they don't see the flavors. Blindfold them and then start the challenge by having your friend try and guess the flavors correctly. As I said, this challenge is tame, but it is fun to test out your taste buds, and it gives you a chance to eat cookies, which is a plus.

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