It's prom night in Chance Harbor, but instead of taking a night off from Circle duties, Cassie and the gang are on the hunt for the last remaining crystal. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’ including: zombie Nick, hallucinating Charles and deceiving daddies!

Nick Rises From The Dead:

Who would have thought that Nick would end up being the witch traitor? We all thought that the Circle member had died, but Blackwell threats that even though Nick drowned, the demon possessing him could have survived and taken over Nick’s body! Melissa, who was crushed after her lover’s death, is adamant that there must be a cure to bring the real Nick back. Jake harshly screams at her to prove his point that the Nick they know is long gone. At Jake’s house, Faye tries to get the troubled blond to open up to her, but he isn’t one to confess to his emotions and instead pulls out a dagger to protect them if zombie Nick is on the prowl.

When Melissa is alone at the abandoned house the next day, Nick appears asking for a crystal as supposedly this will save him from death. Melissa says she will do anything for him to remember who he was, and she probably would have given him a crystal too, if it wasn’t for Adam emerging into the room, causing zombie Nick to launch at Melissa before bombing out of the house. Jake’s right: Nick can’t remember who he was!

Back To The Past:

Blackwell teaches Cassie a spell to help her locate the remaining crystal at the school. When she draws a symbol, carved from her own blood, onto the school floor she is transported back in time where she sees her mother, Amelia, calling out to Diana’s mom, Elizabeth. Since Diana possesses the same Blackwell blood as herself, Cassie believes that if they perform the spell together the events of the past might become clearer. Cassie is able to persuade Diana to perform the spell with her on the night of prom.

The Ghost Of Amelia Haunts Charles:

Diana is essential in forming the crystal skull so Blackwell is enraged that the confused witch has kept her distance from him after discovering that she is his daughter. Dawn tells Blackwell that Diana is loyal to Charles and so Blackwell realizes that to gain Diana’s trust he needs to show her that Charles is not as innocent as she thinks.  

Dawn tries to call Charles to inform him of Blackwell’s plan, however, every time he picks up the phone he is met by the sound of Amelia’s dying moments. The events that Charles performed to kill Amelia start to occur around him with the kitchen being sent alight. Unsurprisingly Charles believes Amelia is haunting him and pleads with her to stop, and she does. Little does he know that Blackwell is the puppeteer of the whole hoax! When Diana arrives home Charles orders her to pack her things so they can leave Chance Harbor. A quizzical Diana means Charles has no choice but to confess to the killing of Amelia. Blackwell has successfully done his bad deed for the day!

Back To The Past Part II:

At prom, Adam and Melissa stand guard whilst Diana and Cassie perform Blackwell’s spell in one of the classrooms. By joining hands they are launched into 1995, the day of the boat incident, and everything is much clearer with Diana and Cassie working together. At Elizabeth’s locker, Amelia pleads with her to take Diana and leave Chance Harbor. Amelia admits that they should never have trusted John, and Elizabeth argues that it was her who made the Circle believe in John in the first place! It is blurted out that Amelia knows John is Diana’s father (awkward), but this doesn’t change Elizabeth’s mind as the teenage witch persists that she will protect her family on her own terms and at that she walks off and fades from the memory as she is no longer apart of the crystals events. Cassie and Diana continue to follow Amelia who ends up with Adam’s granddad in his classroom where she hands him the crystal as she is going to be leaving Chance Harbor. Amelia confesses that Ethan is turning John in to the witch hunters and that Blackwell used magic on the Circle so that the females would become pregnant. Blackwell hopes that one day their children will end up forming a Circle of their own, one focused on Balcoin blood. Amelia tells him that if she can escape with Cassie it means that their Circle can’t be formed. Mr Conant explains that he will cloak the crystal and hide it inside the trophy case. Amelia makes Mr Conant tell Ethan that she never loved him, which is a lie, because Cassie can never know who she really is.

When Cassie and Diana are brought back to the future they fight, parallel to Amelia and Elizabeth’s argument, revolving around Cassie forcing the Circle to trust Blackwell. Diana disappears and Cassie is left to inform Melissa and Adam of where the crystal is located, but zombie Nick has been eavesdropping and gets a head start to the trophy cabinet...

The Crystal Hunt:

Whilst Nick charges ahead, bumping into a bemused Dawn on the way, the Circle take a short cut and arrive at the trophy case before him, with Adam getting his hands on the crystal. But, Nick steals it from him and the Circle are merciless to follow Nick to a creepy junk yard. It turns out that Nick hopes to do a trade with Eben: giving him the crystal for the demon which possessed him, as this is what’s keeping him alive. Cassie uses her dark magic to take the crystal, but Eben makes her fly uncontrollably and land out of sight. Blackwell turns up and he and Eben end up battling it out, resulting in Blackwell being flattened by a car. Eben is on fire! Jake goes after Nick, who has hunted down an unconscious Cassie, and he tries to get through to him, but zombie Nick only wants to kill Jake and he would have strangled him to death if it wasn’t for Melissa stabbing her ex-lover in the back! The Circle retrieve the crystal, but the celebration is crushed when an arisen Blackwell claims that Eben has kidnapped Faye! It seems that in the meantime the Circle will have to trust Blackwell so they can create the crystal skull and bring back Faye.