Cassie is warming to having her father around, that is until she spies him searching for something in the abandoned house. Meanwhile, Lee is in a spot of bother when his ex-girlfriend, Eva, wakes up from her coma. Will he choose Eva over Faye? Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’, including: Diana’s new Aussie lover, cursed stars and murder!

Father knows Best:

John Blackwell doesn’t seem to be the evil genius that everyone expected him to be. In fact, he is just like any other overprotective dad who enjoys a heart to heart with his daughter whilst sipping away at a black coffee. Blackwell wants Cassie to stop practising with her dark magic as eventually it will be the one in control. The proud witch doesn’t take her dad seriously though (who does?) and instead she shows off a quite impressive party trick, bending over her cup, using her dark magic.

When Cassie later visits the abandoned house (Blackwell’s old home) she stumbles across her father scavenging around, even throwing over a table when the item he is looking for is clearly missing. Adam and Cassie go raiding in Nick’s old house where Adam shows her an object called a ‘sway’ which Nick found in the abandoned house. Supposedly it is meant to drain witches of their powers. Sway in hand, Cassie confronts her father about his suspicious snooping and he admits that for a period of time the sway transfers a witches magic to a non-witch. This was the object used to give power to Eben sixteen years ago when he murdered the circles parents. So here’s the question, who gave Eben a loan of their magic?

A Love Triangle Ends In Death:

Faye and Lee are blissfully happy until Eva wakes up. The comatose girl is obsessed with Lee and wants him back badly. However, since Lee has sparked a relationship with Faye, he does not feel the same way about Eva. When Faye turns up at Lee’s he says he has other plans so he won’t be able to escort her to the casino fundraiser at the school. Some inspirational advice from Melissa makes Faye not take no for an answer so she returns to Lee’s, but Lee is not there, instead prowling around the voodoo garage is Eva. Awkward! Luckily, Eva believes Faye is just a customer and when Lee waltzes back he kisses Eva. Poor Faye!

Despite this, Lee does turn up to the fundraiser, but someone has been stalking him…Eva! The creepy fan-girl calls Faye a slut and tells Lee that he should dispose of Faye now that she is back in his life, however, his feeling towards Faye have advanced more than Eva expected. When Lee returns to his garage, Eva has been waiting for him and admits that she has developed powers! Lee confesses that he will help her get rid of her new magic, but he can’t be in a relationship with her. A word of warning to guys with witchy ex-girlfriends: never make them angry or you might get killed (literally). Poor hot voodoo Lee is dead. How many more pretty boys are the ‘Secret Circle’ going to kill off?

Diana Hits The Jackpot:

Diana has been looking long eyed at Cassie and Adam for the past couple of weeks, but now it’s her turn to see what’s written in the stars, or, more appropriately, what’s available down under. When Melissa and Diana are preparing for the casino fundraiser at The Boathouse a charming Aussie, named Grant, makes his move on Diana. He could easily fit the bill for a non-witch boyfriend, however, Diana doesn’t seem too thrilled; she basically gives him the cold shoulder. Alas, Grant is not one to give up easily and he makes an appearance at the fundraiser, exchanging quite a lot of money for chips, which works as an excellent opportunity to show Diana his interest towards intellectual things like books (amongst other things).  He exchanges 100 tickets for two cute monkeys and hands one over to Diana. Grant will be shipping out the next day so the pair don’t have much time together, however, he hints that Chance Harbor now has a certain appeal which might force him to return. How could anyone resist such a romantic charmer? We don’t blame you Diana for immediately going in for the kill! It’s good to see Diana getting on well with a guy, but hopefully he doesn’t end up being a witch hunter in disguise!

Cassie’s Dark Magic Erupts:

Dawn is not that surprised to learn that Blackwell has risen from the dead. Instead of firing a million questions at him about what the hell happened sixteen years ago, she wants them to team up and look for power. If magic was awarded to those determined, Dawn would have enough power to light a whole nation! The two get a bit intimate and it seems Blackwell has turned up at the casino to track down Ethan: he believes it was him who betrayed the circle. When Dawn informs Cassie that her dad is wandering about looking for Ethan, Cassie’s eyes do her wide scared giselle thing and she goes hunting for her dad. When she is stalking him outside a hooded figure appears out of the blue and stabs Blackwell in the stomach!  Cassie chases after the attacker and whacks a bleacher bench at his legs. She rips off a piece of the bench and is about to beat the attacker with it, until it turns out to be Ethan. There is a flicker of hesitation, but she is still willing to hit him. Blackwell appears just in the nick of time and is able to calm her down. It seems daddy is right when he says not to let your dark magic take over!

Written In The stars Is A Big Fat Curse:

After a day of fall outs over dad dilemmas, Cassie and Adam have finally made it up. Love written in the stars is tough! However, it is bound to become much much tougher with Blackwell’s dreaded news. Blackwell wants answers and so he corners Ethan in admitting that it was him who gave Eben power. The witch hunter was only meant to kill Blackwell though, not the rest of the circle. Blackwell realises that it can’t be Ethan fuelling Eben with power now as he has no magic! Ethan explains that it was Amelia who wanted Blackwell dead.  He continues that Cassie and Adam will be together because their destiny has been written in the stars. But Amelia forgot to inform Ethan of one tiny detail, one that Blackwell can’t resist telling him now: the Blake’s and the Conant’s together are a curse. Dun dun dun! His point is proven when Cassie and Adam are getting hot and heavy at her house and hundreds of crows circle the roof.