Cassie and the gang split up in search of crystals in this week’s episode, but their hunt is put in jeopardy when Callum decides to tag along. Here are the top five events you need to know from this week’s ‘Secret Circle’ including: Jane and Charles’ attempt to kill Blackwell, crystal missions and the unveiling of Blackwell’s lovechild!

The Crystal Maze:

During the past 18 episodes Dawn has been on the rampage to find crystals, and here we have the Circle tracking down two in only a day’s work! While Faye is searching for her family’s crystal she stumbles upon her mum’s diary, which is filled with NC-17 material. The majority of it documents how Dawn and Blackwell were having an affair! Could Faye be Blackwell’s daughter?

At the abandoned house the Circle decide to split up into two groups to look for crystals with one group going to Jake’s granddad’s house and the other to Melissa’s grandma’s house.

Jake, Cassie and Faye break into Jake’s granddad’s wooden house and it seems the elder is as crazy as they say as the walls are plastered with conspiracies related to the magic world. Even creepier however is that one sheet has the name of the Circle members with their dates of birth beside it. They don’t get the chance to look for the crystal for long as Jake’s granddad makes his entrance. It takes a pool table magic test for Jake’s granddad to believe his breaker inner is his own grandson. Jake’s granddad describes how originally there were three Circles; two went east and unfortunately for Cassie and co their ancestors headed west to Chance Harbor. Supposedly Blackwell corrupted his Circle by telling them about dark magic, but what Blackwell really wanted from the Circle was children! This would mean that Cassie’s Circle would possess more dark magic and if the other two Circles were too fuelled by dark magic then this could have a great impact on the world. Jake’s granddad refuses to hand his crystal over, explaining that it is hidden deep in a mine and no one with dark magic can get near it. He describes how the six crystals form a skull which is the most powerful form of destruction of all time.  

While Faye admits to Jake and Cassie that she could be Blackwell’s other child, Callum breaks into the house and takes the map which gives the directions to Jake’s granddad’s crystal. Luckily, Cassie had taken a picture on her mobile of the map so Melissa and Adam might make it to the mine before Callum does!

Will Lies Keep Diana and Grant Apart?

Grant surprises Diana with flower and a trip on the boat he works at to prove to Diana that he is not a deceitful Aussie.

Without Diana’s help, Adam and Melissa sneak into Melissa’s grandma’s house and find it packed with crystals, but only one is the true elder crystal that they are searching for. They have no choice but to ask Diana’s for help to find the correct crystal.

Diana isn’t too pleased when Melissa shows up at her bedroom door and she has to make up excuses to leave Grant’s side. The trio are able to find the correct crystal and Diana returns to a quite peeved off Grant. The two make their way to the boat, however, Diana receives a text about Callum’s quest for the crystal and so she needs to call it quits on their date. Last time it was Grant making up all the lies, and now Diana has no choice but to lie. Grant isn’t sure if he can trust Diana, but Diana is given one more chance to prove that she is right for him.

Indiana Adam To The Rescue:

Adam and Melissa make it to the mine before Callum does. They are able to locate where the crystal is and daredevil Adam swings from a rope and catches the crystal. On their way back they bump into crazy Callum with a gun who wants to sell the crystal for money. Adam tries his best to tackle Callum, but to no avail, you shouldn’t mess with a guy with a gun! Melissa hands the crystal over and Callum makes his getaway. The rest of the Circle arrive and Jake and Cassie go to help Adam and Melissa and Diana and Faye try to stop Callum from escaping. Cassie is unable to enter a certain part of the mine because of her dark magic and Faye tries to unleash her suspected dark magic to stop Callum. However, Faye can’t stop Callum, but Cassie is able to stop him from scooting off on his motorbike. Jake marks Callum so he will never be able to return to Chance Harbor again and he retrieves the crystal!

Blackwell’s On Death Chair:

Jane has been released from hospital and agrees with Cassie to try and make it up with Blackwell. However, Jane and Charles have teamed up to kill Cassie’s father! Jane has carved a symbol onto a stool which will stop Blackwell’s power when he sits on it and Charles will then use the crystals power to immobilize him. Jane has kept a potion for sixteen years, which she has hidden behind a lamp, which will kill Blackwell when alight. Their plan unfolds well; Blackwell ends up immobilized in his chair, but Jane wants to know one final answer before she murders him: did he kill Amelia? If he lies the crystal will turn black, however, Blackwell had nothing to do with Amelia’s murder so it remains clear. Due to this Jane is unable to kill Blackwell, but Charles is! He grabs the potion and sets it alight, but instead of killing Blackwell, he murders Jane! Years ago Blackwell had switched the potion because he knew Jane wanted to kill him.

And the winner of Blackwell’s Lovechild Is…

Not Faye. After a full episode of Faye hoping to release her dark magic, it turns out she is not Blackwell’s secret other daughter after all. She confronts Blackwell about her mother’s diary and he explains that Dawn has an overactive imagination and what she had written in this diary was all in her imagination.

Cassie goes to Diana’s house to see how she is coping after the Grant disaster. Diana explains that she wants to take a break from the Circle and once they have solved the case of how to get rid of the witch-hunter’s she will be leaving. Cassie isn’t one to give up though and it seems she is going to use her dark magic to persuade Diana to stick with the Circle she helped mould. The fiery blonde explains that Adam and Melissa could have been killed if they had not made it in time, but Diana admits she was there in time, she tried to get through the mines, but it felt as though she was suffocating when she tried to enter a passage. We all know what this means: Diana is Blackwell’s other daughter!