We pick off this week on "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" where we ended last week. Derek Reese (aka B.A.G, aka David Silver), Sarah's (Lena Headey) baby daddy's brother and John's (Thomas Dekker) biological uncle, got shot by the Terminator that was tasked with eliminating his cell of future resistance dudes. John had run out to find (or tase) a doctor, and instead he comes back with good old Charley Dixon (Dean Winters), who is doing his best to patch up David Silver.

Things appear to be going reasonably well until B.A.G catches a glimpse of Cameron (Summer Glau) in the corner, and he totally freaks out. Cameron gets kicked out of the operating/dining room so Charley can work his magic and try to get Sarah to love him again.

After all of this non-action, we're finally treated to some of the future type stuff we were promised before the Pilot episode was aired. I'm not quite sure what to call it though. Is it a flash-forward because it hasn't happened yet, technically, or a flashback because it has actually happened already because they CAME from the future in the first place?

We join the brothers Reese and some other guys at the hotel resistance sitting around having a bud talking about the latest episode of trading spouses. The guys get their convo cut short because General Connor wants them to track some patrol. Seems like SkyNet has a new secret weapon. Gee, I wonder what that could be...maybe it's a time machine...maybe. Kyle Reese gets stupid and gets caught out in the open, and B.A.G comes to his rescue and gets captured for his good deed.

Back in the present (future?) Charley and Sarah are trying to work through some issues. Well, Charley is trying, and Sarah is evading. Can we get Dr. Phil in here please? Charley is trying to take in some of the hardballs getting thrown his way - judgement day, killer machines, Sarah back in the picture. Can't be easy, but he seems to be giving it a shot. Good guy. B.A.G is in some pretty bad shape however and needs a blood transfusion, but he has a super rare blood type. John can hook his uncle up with some pints, and Charley is starting to connect some dots, God help him.

Back to the future, B.A.G is in some type of house where a whole bunch of soft puny humans are being held for some unknown purpose. They're all chained to the walls or floors, and a lone Terminator is dragging the more dead looking ones to a room in the basement. B.A.G does his best to collect some intel, but all the other guys are in real bad shape. That is, until our good friend Andy Good shows up. He must think he is on his way out, so he confesses to David Silver about creating SkyNet and feeling sorry and stuff. B.A.G makes some mental notes. This will be important in the future (past). So we've got ourselves our very own time paradox. With Andy dead in the past, does he cease to exist in the future? Or does that create separate timelines? In one timeline Andy gets killed and judgement day never comes, and in the other one he lives and the machines rule? Or is this flashback just a hallucination that B.A.G is having being near to death and everything? Now I have a headache, anyway, moving on.

I'll try to wrap up the rest of this quickly, all this time stuff...geez.

Derek Reese gets taken into the basement, but we don't get to see what happens to him. He gets back out and then the machines take off and let them escape. They head back to the hidey hole and find it cleaned out until some resistance guys show up and fill them in. Kyle and John led a raid on a secret factory (read time machine), and Kyle gets sent back to protect Sarah to complete the backstory of the original movie. John then blows the factory, as we already know. Derek runs into Cameron in the new hiding place, which accounts for his freakout, and then we're shown B.A.G and his team heading back to the past. We do get to see B.A.G assassinate Andy...so if you were wondering...

Charley manages to patch B.A.G enough so he won't bleed out, thanks to John's units. Charley then has to say goodbye to Sarah, and they hug, and then Sarah hugs John. That's twice as much hugging as there has been since the Pilot. Charley also lets Sarah know the FBI (and Cromartie) are on her trail.

Cameron, who just annoyed everyone the whole episode, swears to not kill Charley. Then we're introduced to her lying, a new wrinkle, when she saves the cpu from the Terminator she finished off last week instead of destroying it with the rest of the stuff. What is she up to? She's totally SkyNet people!

Ok, that's that. Lots of new info this week with the timeline change and flashbacks. What do you think? Are you digging this show? Hope it stays on TV? How is Brian Austin Green doing in your opinion? Where was Ellison this week?

Recap by Larry Grodsky
Starpulse contributing writer