Duke William and Duchess Kate have been exposed as having spent up to a half a million pounds on their vacation at the Maldives! The resort they are staying at books rooms at ten thousand a night and since the couple has booked all forty-five available villas, the total comes up to four hundred and fifty thousand dollars for that alone!

Expenses add up to over a million just on housing and travel. There are numerous other activities that are available for couples to enjoy and there are fears among the royal family that an audit might end up being done of all the spending done by the royal family. If numbers were released it might result in an even worse backlash. This lavish vacation right in the middle of a deteriorating economy has caused a crisis at the palace.

Meals and travel expenses for the Royal Protection Officers adds into the total and then there is the five hundred pound meal expense account for the officers. The Queen is reportedly aghast at the royal couple’s extravagance and Prince Charles has allegedly hit the roof over the recent news. William and Kate did not need permission to travel, but it is known that the recent economic climate has created a tremendous amount of hostility.

The Royal Nanny: The new nanny that Prince William and Duchess Kate have hired is from Spain and has a long, long history of serving the leading families on the social scene. The nanny has been working since she was a teenager and is currently bonding with the royal infant and will accompany the ducal couple on their trip to Australia and New Zealand.

This debunks the belief that Carole would be official nanny to Prince George during the upcoming royal tour and raise the infant on a part time basis. This confirms that the elderly Jessie Webb (former nanny to Prince William and Prince Harry) has been let back into her retirement of private life and will enjoy time with her family and friends.

The decision to hire a foreigner has been causing tremendous controversy and the backlash from the British public has believed that they are being snubbed and rejected in favor of a foreigner. British nannies are legendary and the decision to break with tradition has embittered many former royal fans and alienated many of their subjects.

Home for St. Patrick's Day: Duke William and Duchess Kate are due back on the seventeenth of March to participate in the yearly tradition of handing out sprigs of shamrock to members of Prince William’s regiment. According to writer Richard Palmer the couple will “visit the 1st Battalion Irish Guards at the St. Patrick's Day Parade at Mons Barracks, Aldershot. Kate will accompany William, Colonel of the regiment, to the parade on March 17 and present the traditional shamrock sprigs to the Guards.”

This return to duty follows their now controversial decision to enjoy a long holiday at the Maldives and leave their infant son behind. Let's hope this year she doesn't catch her heel in the grating like she did last year! The Ducal couple will visit the barracks and enjoy conversing with the soldiers involved with the regiment. Since her marriage in April of 2011 to Prince William, Duchess Kate has been involved with the yearly presentations and has been a hit with the many soldiers eagerly anticipating a gift of shamrock sprig from the stylish Duchess.

Even royal insiders in the media are unaware when the ducal couple will return to formal royal duties and appearances. It was floated that the couple might miss the St. Patrick appearance and remain in the tropics until the times for their royal tour arrives, coming back to Britain after their tour of Australia and NZ.