The Rolling Stones are surviving on the road by eating English crumpets and baked beans - especially flown out from the UK. The legendary band are insisting the traditional English foods are flown out to them on the current US leg of their massive 'Bigger Bang' world tour because they are missing the comforts of home. Acording to reports, the group already had two cases of canned beans and one case of crumpets - usually served hot with butter and jam and eaten with tea - delivered to the lavish Four Seasons Hotel where they are staying.

Meanwhile, the Stones sparked a series of complaints during a concert in San Francisco - with residents complaining the show was too loud. People living near the venue, SBC Park, called police during the sell-out show protesting that their windows and floors were vibrating. One angry resident, Ted Weinstein, claimed the ageing rockers only had their sound levels so loud because they are all "too deaf" to hear their own music. Weinstein is quoted on Britain's BBC website as saying: "Just because they're too old to hear their music doesn't mean it has to be so loud."

City officials were considering using a sound meter to monitor levels at the stadium when the band returned for another show last night.

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