Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will be starring in the movie and video game Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run. He shares his thoughts here, in part one of his interview, on the video game and being compared to Knight Rider.

Were you a fan of the original, Spy Hunter?

The Rock: I was a big fan of the original game. When Midway came to me with the idea, of course, we were still in the development of the movie. So my first question was how is this game going to be different? How can it compete? They said for the first time the fans of the video game Spy Hunter are going to be able to get out of the car and actually become this character who's been driving this car all this time.

So I thought, okay, how else can we compete because the video game market is so ultra competitive? How can we be creative? How can we maim and bring death to the opponents creatively with my bare hands?

Since your character gets out of the car for the first time in franchise history, do you think this makes SpyHunter the next Knight Rider?

Okay, well let me tell you something. Comparing Michael Knight to Alex Decker is like comparing wine to vinegar. Alex doesn't care about wearing the coolest jeans or the coolest jacket. He just has one mission, which is to hunt down spies and to kick ass like there's no tomorrow.

Are there any wrestling moves we'll recognize in the game?

Oh definitely. There's a couple of signature moves in there. For example, the rock bottom was a big finishing move for me, signature move. So we included that. There are different versions of suplexes and things that I learned from a lot of Japanese wrestlers, that if they're performed the way they're supposed to be performed, they're highly, highly dangerous. So then I just took it to another level. It's just crazy the stuff we were coming up with. And it was awesome. I saw it all back and I couldn't be happier. It was great.