What do you do if you're a musician and the band you're in falls apart? If you're the punk rockers known as The Revenant - Derik Envy, Kevin Besignano, Nathan Walker and Trevor Jackson - you dust yourself off and come together to get a fresh start. BFTV recently spoke with Derik and Kevin to discuss forming the band and their upcoming debut album.

"I really feel like we're actually a real band. And I think that's somewhat rare nowadays. I think exactly what you see is what you get," Derik told us. "We're not hiding behind gimmicks. We're not hiding behind autotune. Everything, we actually play it ourselves and everything we can recreate. We're just trying to have fun. We're not setting out to reinvent any wheel."

As far as bringing the band together creatively, "We didn't need to talk about it," Kevin added. "The thing that was easy about it, we were all in different bands, but we were all kind of hired into those bands to fill a spot. We were all kind of hired musicians. It was definitely easier for us now, [knowing] this is going to be our own thing. And I think we were all on the same page."

Yet the deal-breaker for any band - or really any group of people going into business together - is chemistry. Did the foursome click immediately, or did they need to find that connection over time? "I think it was instant," said Derik. "Me and Kevin have spent a lot of time together. We've been in bands together and/or replaced each other in those bands. It was literally the easiest forming of a band I've probably ever seen or heard of."

"I think we're all grateful for that fact. It was easy," agreed Kevin. "Derek and I have also made attempts to play with groups of people and friends and it failed miserably. With this, we're kind of happy about it. It's kind of a miracle. It clicked right away and it stayed that way."

With their self-titled record scheduled to arrive later this year, what would they say they're proudest of musically? "I think we're all kind of happy at the fact that we got to do whatever we wanted," Kevin continued. "Nothing was dictated by each other."

"I think we tried to meet in the middle somewhere," said Derik. "We like the three-chord songs. We like the sing-alongy stuff. We like things short. But at the same time, I think all the playability's there."

"And the other thing too, Derik and I found touring, we kind of have similar ranges and vocal styles," added Kevin. "It kind of ended up being interesting and cool that we're both kind of singing a lot on the record. A lot of times I can't differentiate between if it's me or Derik. It almost gives you a kind of universal one-singer vibe."