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Does this thong make her butt look big? - Candy Kirby

What if "The Matrix" ran on Windows - College Humor

If website banner ads were forced to be truthful - Cracked

Angelina Jolie in a tiny black dress at the "Kung Fu Panda" DVD release party - Superficial

Fat guy + cheap pool = fail.

5 hottest celeb chicks you know are all-natural - Double Viking

10 great fat guy moments in "sports" - On 205th

You think Sarah Palin's hot, check out the PM of The Ukraine - Bitten & Bound

Mediocre NFL players who hooked up with Playboy Playmates - Next

Faceplant (n.): the art of planting one's face:

Hugh Hefner: impressive or pitiable? - Celebritology

CEOs who knew their companies were failing but had no problem taking millions in bonuses - NY Daily News

Kate Beckinsale and Carrie Underwood do Elle magazine - On 205th

Swedish bands always had the 'grooviest' rock outfits evar! (major, major FAIL) -

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