There is no doubt that we Americans cannot get enough of The Real Housewives. On any given night, over 2 million people are glued to their screens as they watch one version or the other.  In fact, the November 6th season premiere of Atlanta drew in over 2.9 million viewers, the highest-rated season premiere in the franchise’s history.  Larry Fried, director of SQAD: a media cost data provider, has said that Bravo has earned anywhere from 35.6 million to 162 million dollars in the past two years, alone from ad sales for Housewives.

We knew it would not take long before The Real Housewives franchise went global! According to E! News, producers are currently in the process of casting an installment of the show in France.

But why stop there? Rumors are flying around that in addition to the French installment, there are other versions planned for England, Australia and other countries world-wide!

However, this may come as a shock to some of you. You might recall back in September of 2010, producers were in the process of filming the first global installment of Housewives, The Real Housewives of Athens (Greece). When the show aired in March of 2011, it ruffled the feathers of TV critics in Greece for opulent spending and expression of inappropriate behavior. The display of over-the-top lifestyles did not go over well in light of the recent economic crisis that hit the country.

While The Real Housewives of Athens will not air in the United States, it is unclear whether or not the French installment will.

What country would you like to see The Real Housewives invade?