Despite only releasing two albums, the legacy of the Pretenders' original lineup still looms large. Singer Chrissie Hynde; guitarist James Honeyman Scott; bassist Pete Farndon; and drummer Martin Chambers scored back-to-back Top 10 albums on both sides of the Atlantic in 1980 and 1981. Rhino adds to the iconic band's canon with double-disc editions of the Pretenders' debut and follow-up that feature live cuts, demos, and previously unreleased tracks; both re-releases are due October 3.

Two years after the band formed in London, Sire issued the Pretenders' full-length debut in 1980, which included the Top 20 hit "Brass In Pocket." The album also featured the group's first single, a cover of "Stop Your Sobbing," which was penned by The Kinks' Ray Davies. Among the best debuts ever released, the self-titled effort introduced the world to the band's sharp songwriting, Hynde's unmistakable voice, Honeyman Scott's inventive guitar work, as well as the driving rhythms created by Farndon and Chambers. Featuring a dozen songs, the album draws inspiration from punk, pop, and new wave to create a raw, unforgettable sound on "Precious," "Mystery Achievement," and "Tattooed Love Boys."

The second disc of the expanded version of Pretenders contains 16 tracks, more than half of which are previously unreleased. The unheard gems include 1978 demos of album tracks "Brass In Pocket," "The Wait," "Kid," "The Phone Call," and "Stop Your Sobbing." The set also includes unissued live performances of "Precious," "Tattooed Love Boys," and "Sabre Dance."

After releasing an EP in 1981, the band returned the same year with its sophomore album, Pretenders II. It would be the final album by the original lineup; the band was devastated when both Honeyman Scott and Farndon died from overdoses in less than a year. Featuring a dozen songs, the album included the singles "The Adultress," "Message Of Love," "Day After Day," "Louie Louie," and a second Davies cover--"I Go To Sleep."

The second disc of the expanded edition contains live versions of several songs from Pretenders II that were originally featured on the promo-only release Pretenders Live At The Santa Monica Civic. Those 15 songs include "Talk Of The Town," "Birds Of Paradise," "Message Of Love," "Bad Boys Get Spanked," and "Day After Day." The second disc also includes a trio of unreleased tracks-a demo version of "Talk Of The Town," the guitar version outtake of "I Go To Sleep" and the radio mix outtake of "Pack It Up."

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"Pretenders" Track Listing:

Disc 1
1. "Precious"
2. "The Phone Call"
3. "Up The Neck"
4. "Tattooed Love Boys"
5. "Space Invader"
6. "The Wait"
7. "Stop Your Sobbing"
8. "Kid"
9. "Private Life"
10. "Brass In Pocket"
11. "Lovers Of Today"
12. "Mystery Achievement"

Disc 2
1. "Cuban Slide"
2. "Porcelain"
3. "The Phone Call" - Demo*
4. "The Wait"* - Demo*
5. "I Can't Control Myself" - Demo*
6. "Swinging London"
7. "Brass In Pocket" - Demo*
8. "Kid" - Demo*
9. "Stop Your Sobbing" - Demo*
10. "Tequila" - Demo*
11. "Nervous But Shy"
12. "I Need Somebody" - Live BBC
13. "Mystery Achievement" - Live BBC
14. "Precious" - Live*
15. "Tattooed Love Boys" - Live*
16. "Sabre Dance - Live*

"Pretenders II" Track Listing:

Disc 1
1. "The Adultress"
2. "Bad Boys Get Spanked"
3. "Message Of Love"
4. "I Go To Sleep"
5. "Birds Of Paradise"
6. "Talk Of The Town"
7. "Pack It Up"
8. "Waste Not Want Not"
9. "Day After Day"
10. "Jealous Dogs"
11. "The English Roses"
12. "Louie Louie"

Disc 2
1. "The Wait" - Live
2. "The Adultress" - Live
3. "Message Of Love" - Live
4. "Louie Louie" - Live
5. "Talk Of The Town" - Live
6. "Birds Of Paradise" - Live
7. "The English Roses" - Live
8. "Up The Neck" - Live
9. "Bad Boys Get Spanked" - Live
10. "Stop Your Sobbing" - Live
11. "Private Life" - Live
12. "Kid" - Live
13. "Day After Day" - Live
14. "Brass In Pocket" - Live
15. "Higher And Higher" - Live
16. "Talk Of The Town" - Demo*
17. "I Go To Sleep" - Guitar Version Outtake*
18. "Pack It Up" - Radio Mix Outtake*

*Previously Unreleased

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