With Andy and Erin on their way back from Florida, the rest of the crew (including Robert) awaits new boss Nellie’s arrival. It seems she slept in, hitting the snooze button nine times, and seems overwhelmed with moving all of her stuff into her apartment “in the suburb of a suburb.” Robert quickly assigns Jim and Dwight to help her unpack, while the rest of the staff is tasked with throwing Nellie a welcome party. Oh joy.

Meanwhile, back on the road, Andy and Erin are rehearsing how Andy should break up with Jessica. He knows Jessica is at her family’s cabin so decides to stop and do it there. He and Erin walk right into a bachelorette party (not Jessica’s) and plenty of awkward moments.

Back at Nellie’s place, Jim and Dwight uncover a shoebox of photos with Nellie and some longtime love. Clearly, she’s got some baggage. And she hates – hates – magicians. As Pam and the crew prepare to throw a horrendously bad party for her, Jim hints that they should hire a magician.

The party itself is pretty bad – black streamers, Creed songs, “vegetable” cake, and the magician, of course. Nellie catches on, but Jim and Pam essentially heckle the magic nerd until he storms out, making Nellie proud.

After an awkward afternoon at the cabin, Andy breaks up with Jessica (in front of everyone) and tells her that he’s gay. They sort of believe him, but previous comments he’d made about Erin seem to hurt her feelings, so he returns and proclaims his love for her while everyone else throws food at him.

This episode has some truly funny moments, which I can’t say about all of the recent episodes. Could they be building toward a strong finale? Let’s hope so.