After the holiday break, everyone’s wondering whatever came of Holly’s ultimatum with A.J.  Michael has a “happy box” and a “sad box” ready (thanks to Erin), both of which contain various items, from scotch to gummy bears.  “Jan. 3, 2011,” Michael declares, “A day that will live in-famously.”

Holly waltzes into the office, probably aware of the pressure on her, with thick gloves to cover her ring finger.  It is soon revealed, however, that she just didn’t think it was fair to give A.J. an ultimatum – so things are just status quo.  Michael is deliriously happy until he realizes Holly and A.J. are still on serious romantic terms.

Pam The Office Manager has the “creative” idea, meanwhile, to give everyone New Year’s resolution cards to post on a New Year’s Resolution board.  (Really, Pam?  That’s the best you can come up with?  And by the way, New Year’s is so three weeks ago.)  The idea falters, although it does lead to a comic scene with Kevin eating broccoli butt-first and Creed attempting to do a cartwheel rather than somersaulting through life.

Meanwhile, Andy, Dwight and Darryl head off to a bookstore to pick up chicks (part of Darryl’s resolution to read more and eat his PB & J in the car) but end up at a roller skating rink where the romantic prospects are dim.  Dwight ends up across the street at a strip club, Andy self-skates to the Dave Matthews Band and Darryl reads his new Kindle (although he fibs and says he’s been in the arcade).

After Michael makes a fool of himself shoving vegetables into Kevin’s mouth, he stages a meeting with Holly as an HR rep to make amends.  She doesn’t seem convinced of his good intentions, though, and Michael says his new resolution is to not make Holly cry ever again.  “Unless if it’s from laughing too hard.  Or making love to beautifully,” he says.

Whether his ploy works or not, we’re not entirely sure, but we do know this: Holly calls A.J. to take a “break,” at least until she gets back to Nashua.  So has Michael won her over after all?


Best quotes of the night:

-Michael: “Today will either be the best or worst day of my life.  Holly gave A.J. an ultimatum – he either proposes by New Year’s or they break up.  Now, if she’s engaged, I’m gonna go crazy and I’m gonna start attacking people.  If she’s not engaged, in all honesty, I may just burn this place to the ground out of happiness.  Either way, I am going to need some talking down.  And no one talks me down like myself in a video, talking me down.”

-Kelly’s resolution card: “Get more attention by any means necessary.”

-Dwight (on Pam’s resolution board): “Wow, did your baby draw that?”

-Darryl: “The day shift at a strip club?  You can’t un-see that.”

-Phyllis: "I know Sue, she's not that great.  And you know her husband's in a wheelchair, right?"

-Dwight: “My resolution is: Meet a loose woman!”

-Michael’s resolution card: “Floss.”

What do you think?  Will Michael and Holly finally get together?  And how will Michael end up leaving Scranton?  Arm in arm with Holly, or for an entirely different reason?