A lot of people seem to think that if ‘The Office’ jumped the shark, it was with the “Michael Scott Paper Company” phase. Those who weren’t a fan of that storyline were probably a bit miffed by ‘Turf Wars,’ which sees Andy do practically the same thing.

Clearly, he’s still missing working at Dunder Mifflin. He comes into the office randomly one day to make lunch for his former coworkers. While he’s there, he sees quite a bit of drama unfold.

Robert California walks in and seems to be in a hung over stupor, vomiting in a trash can. He “celebrated” the night before upon finding out his divorce was finalized. Apparently while he was knocking them back, he closed the Binghamton branch. But he doesn’t really remember that. Nor does he recall drunk dialing Nellie. He sets off on a mission to find out what he called her about.

He enlists Pam’s help, and she’s more obliging than you might expect. She steals Nellie’s cellphone and listens to the messages with Robert, but as soon as she hears some private things she’s clearly uncomfortable with the situation. Nellie later confides in her that Robert is a “beast” and she seems to be under the impression that she’s made a close friend in Pam.

Meanwhile, the closing of the Binghamton branch sets off the “turf war” between Jim, Dwight and an employee in the Syracuse office, who all go after one of Binghamton’s big clients. Andy gets wind of the situation and takes off before any of the others get a chance.

Before anyone realizes it, he’s sweet talked his way to a deal with the client, and then knocks on David Wallace’s door with an interesting proposition.

With only a couple of episodes left to wrap things up, where do we see this going? And what will become of Robert California?