Who is the office’s secret weapon? Is it: a) Oscar, b) Kevin, c) Stanley, or d) None of the above? Shockingly, the answer is Kevin. At least, that’s what happens in the newest episode, called ‘Trivia.’

Let’s back up a little. Andy is downright obsessed with hitting the 8 percent increase in sales he’d promised Robert California. So obsessed, in fact, that he’s bought over $2,000 in paper himself and tries to convince his officemates to do the same.

It seems they are $830 short of hitting their goal. Oscar (silly Oscar) lets it slip that he’s going to a trivia night at a Philadelphia bar where the grand prize is $1,000. That’s enough for Andy; he makes everyone pack up and leave for the day to head to Philadelphia.

Dwight, meanwhile, has flown to Florida because he thinks he has a shot at a manager position with Sabre. We finally get to see the office digs where Gabe spends every other day (flying back and forth to Scranton) and where Robert spends much of his time.

Robert, coward as he can be, ultimately pushes Dwight off on Gabe, but Dwight won’t have it and makes Gabe take him to Robert’s condo. (My advice? Don’t drop in on Robert California unannounced. He might sweat on you.) In the end, Dwight doesn’t get the job, but he does get Robert’s promise to keep him in mind for future openings. Mmmkay.

Back at the bar (a gay bar, as it turns out), the officemates break up into groups: The A Team (with Andy, Jim, Darryl and Ryan), the backups (headed by Phyllis and Stanley) and the “fun team” (including Erin, Kelly and Meredith).

Wouldn’t you know it? After a suspenseful round of trivia (or two or three) the team of idiots and drunks (sorry, fun team) comes up victorious. And the office gets the money after all. Poor Oscar…

-Who is Robert’s secretary? She’s kind of hilarious.

-How the hell is Pam? Why don’t they ever mention her?

-Boy, people can really be jerks to Kevin, can’t they?