Todd Packer is possibly one of the most inappropriate characters on TV, and he’s played to perfection by David Koechner.  No one in the office – except maybe a young Michael Scott – could get away with dry humping employees or making fat jokes.

When Packer decides to stop traveling and settle down, Michael convinces Holly that Packer would be a perfect addition to the team.  She takes Michael at his word, not realizing just how crude the guy is.  (She soon realizes it when he refers to his own daughter as a bitch.)

Everyone else in the office, meanwhile, is horrified at Packer’s return.  Some complain directly to Holly, while Jim and Dwight conjure up various schemes to send Packer packing.  They ultimately succeed by pretending to have Jo send Packer to Tallahassee.  Creative?  No, but it does the trick.  And Even Michael doesn't stop him from leaving after Packer refers to Hollly as "uptight."

The various (unimportant) subplots involve Pam giving Erin a new computer and trying to appease Andy, who would like to steal it for himself, Pam responding to Darryl’s blackmail and Dwight eating all the office food that’s about to expire.

What was your favorite moment?  Jim’s old-fashioned desk pranks?  Kevin’s love for Packer?  Holly and Michael’s continued evolution as a couple?  Pam’s corruption as an office manager?


Best quotes of the night:

Pam (smiling): “I’m full-on corrupt.”

Michael: “Angela loves pussycats.  Packer lo---“

Kevin (to Dwight): “I’ve got some cheese you might like too.  In between my toes!”

Kevin: “I have very little patience for stupidity.”

Andy (bending over under his desk): “Please make sure nobody’s humping me!”

Dwight: “Who is Justice Beaver?”

Dwight (sarcastically to Jim, re: office pranks): Does Edgar Allan Poe know about that one?  So sinister!”

Packer (apologizing to Kevin): “You are skinny and you are a genius.”

Dwight: “Hey, whose dirt box is this?”  Holly: “That’s our zen garden.”  Dwight: “What are you growing in here, bull crap?”