We know Michael loves to imagine himself as a movie star.  But are we prepared to see a movie written by, directed by and starring him?

The episode, ‘Threat Level Midnight’ (great title, Michael) is all about the office folk watching Michael’s movie.  Of course the movie is pathetically bad; I just wish it was a little more… hilariously bad.  It does have its moments: Jan the Lounge Singer (Jasmine Windsong) taking an arrow to the throat was unexpected.  And Karen’s stilted line reading (“Ever banged an entire bachelorette party, baby?) is a hoot.

Jim’s performance as Goldenface is somewhere right between Goldfinger and Goldmember… and you can tell he regrets ever getting involved.  Holly, for one, does not seem particularly impressed with Michael’s mad moviemaking skillz.  (There lies the only plot tension in the entire episode.)

What do you think was the more awkward moment – Andy’s horrible New York accent?  Pam’s mom’s appearance as a sexy nurse?  Oscar getting strangled by Michael?  Darryl’s Oval Office performance? There are plenty of cringe-inducing moments to savor.  But let’s hope there isn’t a sequel.

Best lines of the night:

-Michael (more than once): “Cleanup on Aisle 5.”

-Creed (to Pam): “Thanks, Mom.”

-Jim: “See… I’m gonna lure him here, then I’m gonna kill everybody.  Then I’m gonna dig up Scarn’s dead wife and I’m gonna hump her real good!  Hahahaha!”

-Creed (as Cherokee Jack, to Michael): “Mop the ice!  Mop it!”

-Michael (re: Toby being shot in the face): “It was in-tegral to the story.”

-Holly (to Michael): “I’m real.”  Michael: “Yeah, you’re a real pain in the ass.”

-Newspaper headline: “Catherine Zeta-Scarn Murdered!”

-Pam (re: Michael’s first film): “We thought it was a comedy.  Everything pointed to it being a comedy.”

-Michael: “I’m a huge Woody Allen fan.  Although I’ve only seen ‘Antz.’  But I’ll tell you something.  What I respect about that man is that when all that stuff came out in the press, about how ‘Antz’ was just a rip-off of ‘A Bug’s Life,’ he stayed true to his films, or at least the film that I saw, which was, again, ‘Antz.’  Thing is, I thought ‘A Bug’s Life’ was better.  Much better than ‘Antz.’  Point is, don’t listen to your critics.  Listen to your fans.”