‘The Sting’ offers a glimpse of Michael at his best: rather than crumbling under a competitor, he shows his business-savvy side, and is actually quite adult through most of this episode.  Well, except in the opening tag, when he can’t ride a bicycle without training wheels to save his life.

We start with Dwight and Jim at Frame Select, attempting to sell Steve Nash (not THE Steve Nash) some paper.  Their exchange starts normally enough (Jim: “How do I look?”  Dwight: “Normal.  Ugly.”) but then Jim spots Danny Cordray (Timothy Olyphant), a crackerjack salesman with a notorious reputation for stealing clients.  Jim and Dwight call in the “big guns” (Michael), who is eager to get back into the sales game and admirably tries to get Frame Select’s business.  No such luck.

Danny, it seems, is the bee’s knees.  Michael mistakes him for a male model, and apparently Danny dated Pam (twice, until he didn’t call her back).  They all decide to see what makes him such a great salesman, so they set him up: they lure him to a fake company with President Meredith Van Helsing, watching the exchange on Dwight’s creep-o-cameras. 

The scene that ensues is the best of the episode.  It’s amusing to watch Meredith squirm, constantly stopping herself from wanting to do vodka shots off of Danny’s chest.  Oscar and Ryan attempt to thwart her efforts, but she outsmarts them by labeling them as foreign cleaning guys.  Michael finally intervenes (“everybody stop,” he screams) and tells Danny the truth.

Danny is upset, sure, but surprisingly open to Michael’s suggestion that he join the company for more freedom an money as the new “traveling salesman.”  Michael’s fellow salespeople – Jim, Dwight, Phyllis and Stanley – are none too pleased, but Michael has a point when he tells them to just deal with it.

The only real subplot comes from Andy, who gets jealous of an old college chum while reading a blurb about him in Cornell Magazine.  He recruits Darrel (paying him $40 a “jam”) to start a band.  Kevin, rather desperately joins them, contributing lyrics like “Or the me that stinks…”

What do you think?  It should create an interesting office dynamic, no?  Perhaps Danny is being set up to be the next Michael… or being set up as a red herring?

Best quotes of the night:

-Andy (to Darrel): “So we’re jamming as friends?”  Awwww.

-Phyllis: “You know, I forget about milk.  This is a terrific reminder.”

-Kelly (gazing at Danny): “F&%@ me.”

-Andy (to Darrel): I can tell by the reflection in your glasses that you’re entering points into weightwatchers.com.”

-Michael (to Stanley): “Why don’t you have a glass of apple juice and tell me you’re not a diabetic.”

-Michael: “This is a stinger.”

-Pam: "I wear makeup."