Public functions don’t seem to go well with ‘The Office’ folk. Numerous embarrassing situations typically emerge, and ‘The Fundraiser’ is no exception.

Robert California announces that he’s bought two tables at a fundraiser for an animal welfare society, an event hosted by Angela’s (state) senator husband. Let’s see, where should we start with all the awkwardness?

Andy shows up uninvited. He ends up heckling Robert and announces his exciting plans for the rock opera he’s been writing in his spare time. In an effort to show everyone that he’s okay after being fired, he aims to impress. He ends up adopting 11 aged dogs at the end of the evening.

Nellie, meanwhile, makes a bit of a fool out of herself by accidentally admitting to Darryl that she doesn’t even know where the warehouse is. She uses the rest of the evening to try to make friends with him, including doing her best to eat a taco.

Oscar is back on his “Angela’s husband is gay” campaign after the senator gives him his phone number. As it turns out, he gives his number out to just about everybody, even Meredith. But Oscar feels vindicated when the senator gives his arm a good, long squeeze.

And let’s not forget Dwight. The farm boy apparently doesn’t understand what a silent auction is, and instead turns it into a game of “The Price is Right.” By the end of the evening he’s congratulated with a bill of $34,000, which he not surprisingly avoids paying.

What do we think? Is Nellie going to remain boss, and what will happen when Robert California leaves? What will become of Andy?  Since a lot of the actors’ contracts are not renewed yet, and we already know James Spader is leaving, is a major overhaul about to happen? And could the end of ‘The Office’ be near? It seems unlikely, but nothing is certain. That means the next few weeks will be pivotal and the next several episodes should be savored in the off-chance that few remain.