“Christening” starts with Pam touting Sabre’s “Hygiene Day,” recommending the “vampire cough” despite Dwight’s question: “Do you have any idea how expensive wool is in Transylvania?  ‘Cause of the euro.”  Dwight’s adverse reaction to disinfection prompts office folk to sneeze in his face (and on his toast) which he admirably accepts to build up immunity.

The main story here is Jim and Pam’s christening of Cece at their church.  Without their knowledge, Michael invites virtually everyone from the office.  Angela refers to the baby as a “precious bundle of God’s best everything” but privately scorns Jim and Pam’s choices.  Michael, who notes that “I thought we should celebrate my joy…. And everybody’s joys…” is floored to learn he is not the baby’s godfather.  That falls to some dude named Seth whom Jim and Pam have recently befriended.

No matter… Michael seems to appreciate the community of the church, regardless of the diss.  Meanwhile, Cece has a massive blowout, prompting a change into a t-shirt kept in the back of Jim’s car.  Their clueless pastor invites everyone to their “intimate reception” prompting scores of nasty comments regarding Jim and Pam’s limited food selection.

Michael is surprisingly mature about it, telling people they should “just enjoy lunch” even though Pam rushes off to pick up sandwiches and sodas.  Jim, meanwhile, loses track of the baby, only to accuse the scone-happy Angela of packing Cece in her purse.  Yes, Angela’s a bitch, but nice one, Jim.

Meanwhile, the church’s young adult ministry is headed to a whore-riffic town in Mexico to help build a school.  Their generosity of spirit so inspires Michael (as does the loving community they seem to be a part of), he jumps on their bus, apparently ready for three months of hard manual labor in a foreign country.  Andy, eager to please Erin, who tells Michael, “I think it’s really cool, Michael.  I wish I had a job I could just leave,” hops on the bus with him.

Soon, however, the two realize they’re in it for the long, hard, manual labor haul, and they don’t like it one bit.  They finally finagle their way off the dang bus, saying, “We’ll keep an eye on America for you.”  Uh huh.


Notable quotes:

-Michael: “Scootch, before I shoot you in the head!”

-Michael: “Cece is turning out to be a little b-i-t-c-h…”

-Dwight (to the congregation): “I’d like to offer you a 4% discount on Dunder-Mifflin Sabre products if you buy a printer at full price.”

-Ryan: “For all their generosity of spirit, they password protect their wireless?” Kelly: “Try ‘Jesus.’”

-Darryl (to Michael): “We’re hanging out.  Right now.  You want some more of this?”

-Michael: “Kevin and Stanley, if you don’t stop worrying about what you’re going to put in your gullet, you’re going to die in about a month.”

-Kevin: “What kind of a person steals scones from a baby?”



-The casting of Carla (the head young adult church group) was spot on.  Hence her realistic explanation of “Thank you! Or should I say, ‘Gracias’?”

-Michael is surprisingly positive in this episode.  He seems to really need a community his office is not giving him. Could this be foreshadowing of his exit?

-Did any aspects of this episode feel tired to you?  How many times can we experience total-office awkwardness?  Is it realistic everyone showed up to the christening?  Does that matter?

-Ditto Toby’s sub-plot of having a problem with the church.  Not particularly funny or original.

 -What’s next?  Is Michael headed toward some cult, or a non-office paradise?  Time will tell!