These two-sided episodes are getting a little old. The stuff going on in Florida is kind of interesting, but that makes everything else back in Scranton seem deadly dull. Let’s start there and get it over with.

A little gang of kids on bikes randomly attack Pam (really?) and when Andy intervenes, a 12-year-old girl punches him straight in the eye. Of course he doesn’t want to own up to it, so he and Pam tell the Office folk that they were attacked by a gang brandishing weapons.

After convincing the gang not to call the police, Andy has Toby conduct a self-defense course, the highlight of which is Kelly attacking Toby and Andy taking another hit to his (good) eye. Oh, and Creed smacking Meredith upside the head before running out of the room screaming.

Down in Florida, the Sabre store is finally opening. Everyone has their post, including Erin, who is tasked with pretending to be a hipster customer. Stanley couldn’t care less and eats pizza out of his pyramid fanny pack. And Ryan? He’s just freaking out.

He’s supposed to give a presentation but panic sets in. Dwight tries to calm him by talking to him as Kelly, with Jim playing the part of his mother (“It’s okay, Sweetie”). But nothing can be done, and Ryan takes off, fleeing for home. Mmmmkay.

Jim takes his place in some sort of awkward/scary ‘Clockwork Orange’ presentation that would have made Michael Scott proud. It’s a nice showcase for John Krasinski; Jim’s embarrassment is palpable, but somehow he’s compelled to keep going. When it comes off well, Nellie gives Dwight the VP job. Does this mean he’ll be staying in Florida?


-It’s nice to see Georgia Engel (Georgette on ‘Mary Tyler Moore’) playing an elderly woman befriended by Erin.

-Without Jim there to ground her, Pam is coming off a little kooky lately. Anyone else notice?

-Why is Ryan acting so desperate? Does he really need Kelly that badly?

-Is this the end for Packer? And is it just the beginning for Dwight and Nellie?