Cool costumes are a dime a dozen on Halloween episodes of ‘The Office.’ This year, they are censored by Andy, and as a result it isn’t so exciting. (Perhaps with the exception of Dwight and his sci fi boobs.) The real meat of this installment surrounds Erin and Andy’s awkward relationship.

First off, Erin is put in charge of decorating the office for Halloween. But the posters are tamer than a preschool party, as Robert California points out. Andy is apparently hot and cold with Erin, and she’s none too pleased when he asks Angela and Phyllis to assist her to make the office a little more “scary” and “adult.”

Speaking of scary and adult, California plays mind games with just about everyone. He chats it up with office folk and digs into their deepest fears. The result is a disjointed and convoluted horror story he abruptly shares as if he’s sitting by a fire with a flashlight in his face. He succeeds making everyone from Kelly to Jim uncomfortable, so, um, mission accomplished?

Back to scary and adult. Erin (foolishly) seeks Gabe’s help in creating a new vibe for the office party. It works to a point – the decorations and music are better, but a DVD he has her play for everyone is literally horrifying. From secretly filming Stanley in his car, to a close-up of Oscar’s grandmother’s face, to shots of Barbie dolls melting, it’s Filmmaking 101 for psycho stalkers and could-be serial killers. Seriously, can Gabe get any creepier?

In the end, Erin resigns herself to the fact that Andy is with someone he’s gone on 31 dates with, and they agree to make nice. But it’s inevitable that this drama will play out over the course of the next season or two.

What do you think? Are Erin and Andy as compelling as Jim and Pam were as a budding couple?  (I’m pretty sure I know the answer to that question.) Did you enjoy this episode's quirks, or is the show getting tired? Sound off.