When you get Dwight involved in a “special project,” you know strange things will happen. When Andy announces Dwight’s “promotion” to lead a three-week project down in Florida, he probably doesn’t know what he’s in for. And neither does anyone else in the office.

Dwight’s initial plan, which includes taking Darryl and Phyllis, among others, is botched for many reasons. Andy doesn’t agree with his choices, and Jim’s got a problem of his own – he gets a text from Robert California telling him to bring his clubs to Florida. Uh oh.

Pam’s return to the office mainly revolves around coaching Jim with how to reply to Robert’s text. Not too exciting. In the end, they decide Jim should just go. At least Pam will have the help of family when Jim’s gone (or, a “nightmare,” as Jim says). Strangely, Kathy’s first lines in many weeks seem to indicate that she’s going to make the move on Jim. Where did that come from?

Ultimately, the lucky few are Jim, Ryan, Kathy, Stanley and Erin, who cryptically says that she will not be coming back. She gives Andy an extra-long hug as a goodbye. He says it’s “just for three weeks” but she seems to think it will be longer. Maybe she’s planning to reunite with Gabe? Ugh.

As a subplot, Darryl receives a red beanie as a Valentine’s Day from Val. He assumes this means she’s interested in him – until he realizes every employee in the warehouse gets a beanie too. He tosses his romantic gift aside… although it does seem that even though Val has another admirer, she might be interested in Darryl after all.


-What do we make of Kathy? She’s spoken so little it’s hard to get her personality.

-Dwight’s bit of actual managing in the last few minutes is promising and even slightly poignant.

-R.C. has been missing the last couple of episodes – have we missed him?

-Word is that Catherine Tate will re-appear sometime in the second half of the season as a potential foil or love interest for R.C. Perhaps this will give the show a little needed energy.