Well, there you have it.  The new boss on ‘The Office’ is…. Just kidding.  No idea.

I didn’t expect we’d find out, and I guess I was right.  Still, it can be a little maddening to have such a hyped finale with no payoff.  Although, the guest stars sure were interesting.

After Dwight’s disastrous stint as acting manager, and Creed’s delusional antics, it’s clear to Jo a search committee must be formed to find the right boss. More on that in a minute.

But first, Creed.  Oh man, does he live up to his title of Creepy Old Man.  He has an imaginary valet, calls meetings to an empty room with phantom workers (Ted, Elroy), schemes to steal customers to start a paper company of his own and falls for Pam’s terrible impressions of clients.

The search committee of Toby, Jim and Gabe is awkward, but not as awkward as the candidates parading through the office.  Let’s take them one by one, including internal candidates:

-Will Arnett.  Lesson for this guy: Don’t say you have a plan to double sales if you don’t.  I would enjoy him on this show, but he’s already landed a show for next fall, so he’s out.

-Warren Buffet.  Obviously a joke and kind of a lame cameo, but it did provide an amusing line: “Can you do any better on salary?”

-James Spader.  Wow, this guy is intimidating.  He’s got his interviewers by the nards, and stares at the office folk like he’s about to ride off on Margaret Hamilton’s broom.  He’s also amusingly dry and awkward, in a Dwight sort of way.  He’s one of the few “real” possibilities for the job, I think.

-Darryl.  Someone should tell this guy if he ever wants to be a manager, he’s got to, you know, write up a resume.

-Ray Romano.  Surprisingly low-key and funny, he could be a good choice, except I’m not sure he has enough personality.  Plus, you know, he’s already starring on another show.

-Catherine Tate.  I thought she was the funniest.  She’s slightly crazy, awkward and a little desperate, not all that different from David Brent.  Producers have said she might be their pick, and frankly, I hope she is.  It would be a nice way to bring back the original show’s British sensibility.

-Andy.  Well, when Gabe is interviewing him, and it’s not bound to go well.  Even Phyllis doesn’t believe in his chances.

-Ricky Gervais.  A nice way to bring David Brent back into the mix, but it could have been funnier.  And obviously the guy is not replacing Steve Carell.

-Kelly.  Nope.

-Dwight.  Has a slightly creepy conversation with himself, and it impresses everyone except Jim.  Jo doesn’t seem to mind him.  Of the internal candidates, he seems the most poised to get the job.  But I don’t think he will.

-Jim Carrey.  Man, this guy wants to go on vacation.  But he’s not coming to this show on any sort of permanent basis.

In other developments, Angela gets engaged to her gay boyfriend.  After much deliberation, her co-workers decide to let her live in happy oblivion than wreck her high, as annoying and condescending as she’s being.

Phyllis and Erin might be related.  It’s possible Erin might be the baby Phyllis gave away so many years ago.  It turns out not to be true, but Phyllis seems to enjoy their bond.  It’s a little sad, actually.

And finally, Gabe’s antics have finally gotten to Jo.  And knowing Jo, she’ll have none of it.  She sends Gabe packing for Florida.  What do you think – will he be back?

Well, what do you think?  Who’s the best candidate for the job?  Do you think we’ll find out right away who gets it in the fall?  It’s been a fun season.  Until next fall!  But first, the best quotes.


-Pam (re: Creed): “We need a new manager.”

-Darryl: “It doesn’t hurt that I’m blaa-aack!”

-James Spader: “Everything is sex!”

-Jim (re: James Spader): “He creeps me out.  I think he might be a genius.”

-Angela (re: her engagement ring): “It’s a little flashy.  I mean, what am I, Naomi Judd?”

-Gabe (to Andy): “Shut up about the sun! SHUT UP ABOUT THE SUN!”

-Darryl (re: Microsoft Word’s paperclip): “I believe his name was…. Clippy.”

-Gabe: “What are your weaknesses?”  Kelly: “I don’t have any, a$$hole!”

-Catherine Tate: “You’ve got a Thai woman out the back.  Suki!  Suki!  Suki!  It’s her name, ok?  She’s administering massage, alright?  If you need it.  If you don’t, whatever, just talk to her.  She’s a person.”

-Jo (re: Dwight’s texts): “These are costing me ten cents apiece, you jackass!  I’m roaming!”

-Oscar: "Angela's engaged to a gay man.  As a gay man, I'm horrified.  As a friend of Angela's, horrified.  As a lover of elegant weddings, I'm a little excited.  But, overall, horrified."

-Creed (to Pam): “Let’s keep this on the QT, ok?  I don’t want you to be a dead mamma jamma.”

-Jo (to Dwight): That’s f—in crazy.  Get outta here.  What a nutjob.”

-Angela: “Pam, you know how you and Jim did your ironic wedding?  Do you still have the plans for the dream wedding you couldn’t afford?”  Pam: “That was our dream wedding.”  Angela: “Niagara Falls?  That was your dream wedding?  Pregnant?  Pork medallions?”

-Andy: “Aren’t there some things you really want to like, but you just can’t seem to like it, like ‘Mad Men’ or football?”

-Kelly (after hugging Gabe): “I’m sorry, you were just a lot bonier than I thought you were going to be.”