PDA – do you love it or loathe it?

It seems relative to those in the situation.  For anyone who’s been in a new romance, it’s great.  For anyone who’s single, bitter, or even happily coupled, it can be disgusting.  And Michael and Holly, cute though they are, have become that couple to some.  They have become disgustingly cute.

Let’s start with the episode’s tag – Pam presents Darryl with a card in sympathy for the death of his almost-97-year-old grandmother.  Unfortunately, that message is not properly communicated office-wide, and most write things like “Let’s get wasted!” in what they think is his birthday card.  His lone tear while Andy adorns him with birthday punches is hilarious.

In a clearly-themed Valentine’s Day episode, Gabe sends Erin on an office treasure hunt… for what we’re not sure.  But Andy, who appropriately seems to feel awkward about it, assists her in each step…  because, frankly, Erin is too daft to figure things out on her own.  Am I right?

Speaking of couples, Jim and Pam get swacked at a Valentine’s Day lunch to avoid abandoning Cece at dinnertime.  The result?  Jim and Pam searching the office for a place to do it, like so many who have, um, come before them.

And as for Michael and Holly?  They’re grossing out pretty much everybody, from Oscar to Ryan.  Even Angela, normally so uptight, says, “Maybe I’m being really sensitive, but…” Eventually Holly and Michael get a handle on it thanks to Gabe, but they seem to resent it, particularly after declaring their love for each other.  They simulate everything from hugging to making out to groping each other.

Michael is obviously sad at the prospect of Holly going back to Nashua.  But unlike last time, Holly insists the company doesn’t have to control their destiny.  This appeases Michael, and seems to foreshadow his and Holly’s future together – and possibly the future of the show.  Later, they reveal they’re moving in together.  Whoa.

Notable quotes:

-Pam (drunk from lunch): “LUNCH WAS WONDERFUL!”

-Kevin (re: Michael and Holly): “I for one enjoy watching them.  Can I finish?  Is that okay?  I was saying, I enjoy watching them because it makes me horny.”

-Andy (re: his apparent new girlfriend): “I met her at Darryl’s cousin’s party.  We were the only two white people there.”

-Holly (re: Michael): “He can put both legs behind his head.”

-Darryl (re: Erin and Andy): “Pick it up and take it out.”

-Gabe: “No one is a bigger fan of sexual touching than me.”

-Holly (to Michael): “I’m not saying it wouldn’t be hard.  But we can make it work.  That’s what she said.”

-Michael (to Holly): “I love you so, so, so much.  I think we need to break up.  Actually, it’s Valentine’s Day.  I shouldn’t be doing this today.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”