This episode was a little underwhelming.  It did a few things, though: It developed the Darryl-Andy relationship; it brought in some potentially new blood; and it took some office workers outside the office, which is always a welcome device.

Apparently, the six workers in the warehouse, formerly under Darryl, won a $950,000 lottery.  That was apparently enough money to prompt them all to quit.

Darryl is supposed to be looking for new employees, but he seems to be in a funk – romantically, workwise, you name it. Andy tries to help, but his interviewing of new employees (in a group fashion) is awkward, not surprisingly.

Andy later confronts Darryl and tells him that even Jo noticed he lacked initiative after being promoted; that’s why he hasn’t made it any further.  That seems to ring a bell with Darryl.

Jim, Erin, Kevin and Dwight, meanwhile, try to unload paper in the warehouse by themselves. This results in a greasy slip’n’slide, a forklift stuck in the wall and missed opportunities. Even Andy looks dismayed.

Keeping with the “lotto” theme, Angela is taking bets on how big Pam’s kid will be. Jenna Fischer gave birth recently; it makes me wonder how long Pam will stay pregnant, and when that storyline will play out.

Did I mention that Kevin nearly overheats in a car? If he honks with his face three times, it means he’s overheated.

No James Spader in this episode.  Did you miss him?  I find myself still missing Steve Carrel, but it’s lessening week-to week.

This episode was directed by John Krasinski (Jim).  Think he should do more?

And, is Gabe ever coming back? What do you think?