It’s the end of the line for ‘The Office’ Floridians. Well, at least some of them.

When Jim, Dwight and Nellie join in a game of golf with Robert California (where have you been?) it becomes clear to Jim that Dwight’s job is in jeopardy. Clearly, Robert is not pleased with how things are going, although he oddly does not fault Nellie for this. Jim knows Dwight is as safe as one of Moze’s squirrels.

Back at the Scranton office – and let’s just dwell on this briefly – it’s time to sell Girl Scout cookies. Yes, that sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Toby and Darryl, who both have daughters at about the same age, decide to seek out the biggest Cookie Monster of all time – Kevin.

This leads each of them to make a fool of themselves in front of the office’s biggest fool, who proclaims that he intends to buy 100 boxes of thin mints and what have you this go-round. Toby and Darryl have never been reduced to such humiliation. Thank goodness Val isn’t around. In the end, Kevin is the loser (fittingly) when nothing seems worth buying a lack of dignity.

Oh, and Andy does a little video conferencing with the technologically challenged Erin, who asks for her old lady employer (Georgia Engel)’s help in user sign-ins and passwords. When Andy gets word of Erin’s intention to stay in Florida, he seems intent on flying down there and setting her straight (after closing out his four IE tabs).

Back in Florida, Jim tries to persuade Dwight that Robert’s threat is real. Dwight doesn’t believe it for a second, and attempts to take Jim out in various ninja warrior attacks.  Just in time, it seems, Jim prevents Dwight from entering a presentation during which Robert proclaims Nellie’s new VP, Todd Packer, to be a fired failure. Ouch.

It appears to be the end of Packer, but what about Dwight? And what’s his future with Sabre and Nellie?