I wouldn’t necessarily expect an episode of anything entitled “Jury Duty” to be hilarious. And I’d be right.

This wasn’t the worst episode of ‘The Office’ ever, but it certainly wasn’t anywhere near the top. It was, for the most part, boring. And while there were awkward parts, it was just painful and not very funny. What happened to this show being painfully funny?

Here’s the gist of the main plot: Jim was called for jury duty and ended up being released at noon on his first day. He decided to take the rest of the day off, and the next morning Pam needed help with the kids… and then he just ended up staying home the whole week and lying about it.

Dwight smells a rat right away, and you would think Jim would be able to be a good liar. Apparently his guilt turned him into a sheepish schmuck, and despite Andy’s offer to help with a Connecticut Cover-up (I don’t know what that is either… since it was covered up and all), Jim breaks down and tells the truth.

Then he tries to make it up to the office folk by dragging Pam and the kids into the office and then giving them fake drawings from Cece. Yeah, real classy, Jim. At least it was nice to see Pam. I still find it funny that her replacement is never given any lines.

Perhaps a more important storyline is Angela’s birth. The baby is apparently a month premature, but it ends up being a nearly 10-pound monster that leaves even Kevin speechless. It’s easy to deduce that the child was not only conceived out of wedlock, but might very well be Dwight’s. And it doesn’t take Dwight too long to figure that out. He’s quite the Sherlock in this one.

What do you think – does this scenario set up an interesting Dwight/Angela parenting storyline? Or is the road being paved for a potential spinoff, “Schrute Farms”?