This episode is called “Get the Girl” because of what Andy’s after. But it could have easily been titled regarding what Nellie’s after: Andy’s job. In the end, it looks like they both get what they want.

Andy has ridiculously bad timing by driving down to Florida to tell Erin he loves her and bring her back to Scranton. But Erin has built a (kinda lonely and boring) life for herself caring for her old lady (the sharp Georgia Engel). And, in a rather heartfelt and revealing conversation, she tells Andy that he’s broken her heart too many times and she’s realized it will never work for them.

But after some prodding from Erin’s old lady (Andy’s a “nice boy,” she says) Erin runs after him just as he’s driving away. Cue the inevitable kiss and a gross conversation about toothbrushes.

Back at the office, Nellie waltzes in and seizes an opportunity to swipe Andy’s job merely by going into his office and acting like the manager. When Andy doesn’t show up, Robert calls him and orders him to come in, but Andy is too lovesick to care.

After some confusion and frustration (Jim is really the only holdout), Nellie essentially takes over, and Robert lets her because he is rather fascinated by her prowess. She does “performance reviews” with everyone to give them all raises so they’ll like her. And it works.

Where do you think this is going? With James Spader perched to leave, is Nellie being groomed to take his place? Will Andy get his job back, or is Nellie the new boss? And what do you think about the addition of Catherine Tate?