Even though the episode centers around a garage sale, this is probably the most plot significant – and emotionally satisfying – episode of ‘The Office’ in years.  A lot happens amidst the selling of cheap things in the warehouse.  That’s what she said.

Let’s start with the garage sale stuff: obviously, it’s not the series’ most exciting venture, but it has amusing points: Kevin, Andy and Darryl playing the Dallas board game; Angela selling cat figurines; Ryan appropriating pictures of Office staffers for his mother’s homemade canned goods; Michael’s refusal to sell much of anything; Oscar’s quest to rid himself of ‘Will & Grace’ DVDs; and last but not least, Jim convincing Dwight NOT to buy his “Professor Copperfield’s Miracle Legumes.”  Nicely played, Jim.

But let’s get to what this episode is really about.  Michael and Holly are on the precipice of the next stage of their romance.  They both are on the verge of proposing marriage, but clearly Michael wants it to be perfect.  (Pam decides writing his proposal out in fire is not the best idea.)  Holly, meanwhile, grows concerned about her father after a conversation which is at first amusing in its quirkiness, but ultimately poignant when Holly realizes her father is not okay.  Likewise, Holly’s conversation with Phyllis about transitioning elderly parents to retirement homes is emotionally revealing – at least until Phyllis offers Holly a glimpse of her bras-for-sale.  Holly gamely responds, “Let me see!”

After Holly’s realization, she gets this close to asking Michael for his hand in marriage, and for a move to see her parents in Colorado.  But Michael won’t have any of it.  The proposal he concocts – after an intervention by Pam, Jim and Oscar – is actually pretty perfect.  Michael leads Holly around the building, showing her his favorite places (all because of her) before coming upon the annex, where everyone is waiting patiently with candles in their hands.  It’s a surprisingly jarring and romantic moment, and a fitting cap to their arc.

Michael gets down on one knee and pops out a huge ring, asking Holly to marry him, Yoda-style.  Ironically, after kinda blasting Jim & Pam’s rainy proposal story, the sprinklers go off from all the candle flames, and Michael and Holly agree to spend their lives together wet as a whistle.  But there’s more: Michael chooses this moment to tell everyone – peeking through the blinds before rushing in – that he’s moving with Holly to Colorado.  So this is how Michael will be leaving – or so it seems, anyway.

Great quotes of the night:

-Meredith (to Dwight and in the spirit of C-Lo): “Forget you!”

-Kelly: “Get out of here, Dwight.  You’re blocking my table with your giant body.”

-Holly (to Michael): “If it’s a problem with the neon, I can have my neon guy take a look.”

-Old woman: “How much for the slip-n-slide?”  Michael: “Get lost!”

-Oscar (to Michael re: proposing): “If you are in costume, you did something wrong.”

-Pam (re: Michael’s engagement ring for Holly): “Holy Sh!t!  Is that real?”

-Michael: “No, I am not going to be proposed to in the break room.  That is not going to be our story.”

-Michael (to Holly): “This is where Toby announced he was going to Costa Rica.  It was the happiest day of my life.  Until the day you came to replace him.”

-Michael: “And right over there, that’s where you realized Meredith was prostituting herself for Outback steak.”

-Michael (re: Angela’s “proposal” to Holly): “That would be hot.  I would pay to see that.”