We’re one step closer to finding out who the real manager is going to be on ‘The Office.’  But we’ve still got no clue who that’s going to be.  After this episode, we know it’s not Dwight.  And we can reasonably assume it’s not Creed.

With Deangelo in a coma, Jo is in a bind.  She needs to find an acting manager for the office, even though, as Jim puts it, no one seems to really need a supervisor.  He doesn’t want to mess with that, so he turns down her offer.  Seconds later, Dwight’s phone rings, and he’s got the job.  In a moment of horror, Pam asks her husband, “What have you done?”

Indeed.  Dwight takes the opportunity to turn the office into some sort of Schrute Circus Farm, with a scary punch clock, staggered lunch breaks, blocked Internet, the Pledge of Allegiance, a killer fish and big business cards.  Oh, and everyone has been re-named “Junior Employee.”

He gets a little carried away when he brandishes a gun (a Beaumont Adams, to impress Jo) and accidentally discharges it near Andy’s ear.  The office folk use the incident as blackmail – Jim uses the opportunity to make Dwight do “jazz hands” every time he coughs – but Dwight can’t go through with it.

His confession to Jo leads to a quick dismissal from the manager job – and after a brief conversation with a “search committee” Jo gives the job to the office’s most senior member – Creed.

What do you think?  How many minutes will Creed last in this role?  Is Gabe getting even creepier?  And who felt just a little sorry for Dwight when his dream was crushed?


-Jim: “I find the first hour of the day goes a lot quicker than the second seven hours.”

-Dwight (to Kelly): “You stop me when I reach the diseased area…”

-Gabe (to Andy): “Andy, do you like being alone with me right now?”  Andy: “No, this is horrifying.”

-Dwight (massaging Kevin): “Oh God, what am I touching?  It’s moist…”

-Dwight (to Pam): “Why do you need to keep wearing those boobie shirts?”

-Toby: “What happened?”  Kelly: “Dwight went on a shooting spree, and then he shot Andy in the head.”

-Jo: “Nobody let my dogs hump each other.  They don’t seem to know they’re brothers.”

-Dwight: “You guys are my best friends.  And I mean that.  Managing you for this last week has been the greatest honor of my life.  And if you ruin this, I will burn this office to the ground!  And I mean that figuratively, not literally.  Because you guys are so important to me.  I love you guys.  But don’t cross me.  But you’re the best.”