No “The Office” Halloween episode would be complete without men dressed in drag and Michael stopping just short of sporting a costume in Blackface.  Thank goodness he didn’t go that far, but it was close.  Ugh.

The opening tag: Jim realizes Stanley doesn’t pay attention to a damn thing.  He takes a sip out of a mug containing Jim’s OJ, and Jim realizes Stanley wouldn’t notice if he got a flu shot with a butter knife.  Stanley fails to notice Kevin as a drag Phyllis, Andy naked (except for a tie), a box over his computer monitor, Dwight’s farm animal and Pam’s moustached exclamation, “Bye Stanley!  Love you!”

The episode revolves around a Halloween costume contest.  The winner yields a Scranton coupon booklet valued at “$15,000” (which Oscar flags as BS) and Angela is all over that, even admitting that the employee in charge of the contest – Pam – did a good job netting prizes.  Whoa.

Let’s recap some of the costumes, shall we?  Gabe is Lady Gaga; Kevin is Michael Moore; Pam is Olive Oil, while Jim is reluctantly Popeye; Michael is MacGruber; Darryl is Dracula (or as Michael calls him, “Blackula”); Erin is some creepy mask that prevents her from properly answering the phone; Dwight is the Scranton Stranger; Angela is some bird, probably a Penguin; Creed is some sort of Mummy; Phyllis is a judge; and Oscar starts off as some 70s Disco star.

Danny invites everyone to a party at a bar he owns called “Public School.” Kevin and Andy make a big deal out of it, given his dating history with Pam.  Which prompts Jim to ask just what caused Danny to not call Pam back.  In an awkward candid moment, Danny admits Pam was just too dorky for him.  Pam only reinforces that image by backing out of the conversation with all the dignity of a … Michael Scott.

Speaking of Michael, he seeks to give Darryl props for coming up with an idea he thinks he stole – that drivers should sell paper while on routes.  But Gabe (or shall I say Gaga) reveals that Darryl actually came to him with the idea after Michael rejected it, getting the green light from Corporate.  This sends Michael into a tizzy, giving a borderline-nuts impersonation of Darryl wearing Oscar’s afro wig.

Andy, meanwhile, senses Darryl’s discontent, revealing a story of how he decided not to pursue a writing career on the Cornell newspaper.  Darryl reveals he indeed has higher aspirations in the office.  Interesting…

In the end, Oscar wins the contest, by default, acting as a “rational consumer.”



-How good does Gabe look in Gaga makeup?  It’s kinda creepy.

-Kevin seems to especially enjoy patting Danny on the butt.

-Who had the best costume?  I vote Creed.

-How cute are Jim and Cece  in the final minutes?

-Is it just me, or is Erin getting kinda stupider?

-Uh, where was Meredith for this episode?  I was hoping she’d dress up as a Vodka bottle.

-Did you predict Oscar as the costume winner, despite his lame costume choice?



-Dwight: “To the chickens, I’m the Scranton Strangler.”

-Michael: “Erin, would you please do me a solid… ?

-Michael: “All the racists out there should take Stanley out to lunch.”

-Kevin: “I never forget anything.  I’m like an elephant in that way.”

-Michael: “What is taking someone from behind?”

-Michael (wearing an Afro, to Darryl): “Happy Halloween, Jerk!”

-Erin (playing the Ouija board): “A-S-S-E-T!”

-Danny (to Pam): I thought you seemed a little dorky.”

-Darryl: “I’ve got big plans for this company.”

-Creed (re: Oscar): “Best Edward James Olmos costume I’ve ever seen.  Like, freaky good.”