Michael decides to eat an entire, family sized, chicken potpie for lunch and promptly falls asleep at his desk. He entire office decides to let him sleep while they turn all the clocks in the office forward to 5pm so they can go home early. Dwight asks to be a part of the mission. To camera he says he's usually against these schemes but he has an appointment with a horse doctor later and needs to leave early. He remarks, "How the horse became a doctor I don't know. No, he's a regular doctor who shots your horse in the head when your horse's leg is broken." Jim, Pam and Dwight work together to change Michael's office clock, his wristwatch and the clock in his car to read 5pm at the same time. Precisely at the fake 5pm the entire office laughs and wakes Michael. Michael tries to cover for falling asleep and joins into the laughter even though he has no clue what the joke is. Then he looks at the clock and realizes it's 5pm and tells everyone to leave for the day. The entire office stands in the parking lot watching Michael drive away. As soon as he's gone they cheer and give each other high-fives.

Pam and Jim arrive at the company picnic and they go over their plan. They're going to show their faces and then leave. Jim asks if he should leave the car running? Pam reminds Jim of what happened at last year's picnic. Jim says he remembers; a gigantic spider was in his baseball glove. Pam corrects him and says she was talking about the drunk guy who grabbed her boobs and said it was for balance. Dwight brought his best friend, Rolph, to the picnic. The met at a shoe store where Rolph was asking for a shoe that would increase his speed and leave no footprints. Dwight gives Rolph some homemade sun block with bug repellent added into it. He jokes with Rolph telling him the FDA would never allow this much DEET. They share a good laugh.

Holly arrives at the picnic with her boyfriend, A.J. Michael tells Kevin they're just friends. After awkward hugs Michael asks if they want lemonade. A.J. says he wants some iced tea. Michael says he can go to hell, then says he was just kidding. He tells camera that he can't be just friends with Holly and he's waiting to tell her that they're soul mates. Charles insults Jim saying, "Nice that you could take some time off from all your time off." Pam asks if he wants her to beat him up for Jim. Jim says, "You're my fiancé I shouldn't have to ask you to do that for me, you should just do it."

Dwight makes sure to announce to everyone that they should never forget the horrible loss they suffered last year because of Jim. Jim remarks that he could have died, he looked up the type of spider online. Andy tries to get Dwight to put him on Erin's row. Dwight puts him next to Phyllis in order for her to set him up on the volleyball court. That's not what Andy meant.

Michael asks what Holly and A.J. have been up to? They say they've been designing a house together. Michael says he's been designing a chair; they're attached to a pair of pants so when you sit down you're supported. Holly says she remembers his chair-pants idea. A.J. tells Michael he is a size 34 pant and put him down for a pair. Michael calls A.J. a fat ass and tells Holly they better go somewhere and practice. Holly and Michael volunteered to perform a skit covering the history of Dunder Mifflin.

Erin misses an easy volleyball play. Andy starts yelling, "Are you blind?" Erin is petrified. Andy covers by asking a guy on the other team if he's literally blind. The guy calls Andy a jackass. Then Andy tells Erin she's doing a great job. After the next play, when Kevin blows it Andy yells again and asks Kevin if he's blind. Erin gets the idea that Andy was lying before.

Dwight catches the opposing team player with a hand on the net and says it's their point and their turn to serve. He gives the ball to Pam and asks her if she knows if she's right handed or left. He asks her what hand she answers the phone with. Pam grabs the ball and tells Dwight to back off. Then she serves up an ace and tells camera that maybe she played volleyball in middle school and high school and college and went to volleyball camp every summer between school years. She serves her way to a win for the team and advances them to the play-offs.

Michael and Holly go off to a little shady, private spot and eat chocolate covered strawberries while planning their skit. Holly asks if Michael has a plan for them. He says he thought they'd just wing it and asks if that's okay? Holly replies, "Crystal cool." Why did they break-up again?

Phyllis pretends to have twisted her ankle so she can get out of playing. Dwight calls for a sub. Rolph is managing the team. Angela says she wants to play. Rolph calls for Meredith to go in. Angela asks if he heard her? Rolph replies that he can't hear liars, tramps or people who break his best friend's heart. She is shocked to have been put in her place in public.

Michael and Holly try to come up with a great big idea for their skit. They try out "Back To The Future" and "Jaws." Holly says they haven't found it yet. Michael says they're circling it.

Charles and David throw a few insults over to Rolph. Rolph answers by saying his team is going to piss all over their faces with their serves. Everyone tries to calm Rolph down. Toby comments to another HR person that it reminds him of their HR convention last year. The guy from corporate agrees in an equally droll and unenthusiastic manner. They share a non-laugh about how funny that was. Pam serves the winning point and they're on track to play corporate.

Michael and Holly perform they're version of "SlumDunder Mifflionaire." In a series of really weird, not funny questions about the history of Dunder Mifflin interrupted by torture scenes in which Holly asks him how he knew the answers to the questions. Stanley says to camera that he doesn't usually like the theater, "but this is delightful." A question worth $500,000.00 asks which branch is set to close next? Michael answers that it will be the Buffalo branch. Holly screams out, "That is correct!" The disturbed and angry crowd from Buffalo asks David if it's true. He sheepishly answers that it is, thus ruining the picnic.

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David questions Michael as to why he felt it was okay to tell everyone they were losing their jobs during the company picnic. He says one little boy asked him if his Daddy would have a job by Christmas. Michael says that kid was just thinking about his own gifts.

Meredith thinks maybe they shouldn't play in the championship round against the team from corporate. Dwight says corporate deserves to get it's ass kicked more now than ever. After a few points back and forth and a few harsh words from Charles as he insults Jim, the ball is tossed to Kevin, who has his hands in his pockets and misses the play. Angela asks Kevin, "The score is now 6 to 7 or is that too much accounting for you?" Rolph asks Angela, "I have some math for you, what does one fiancé plus one lover equal? One whore." Dwight tells Rolph to back off. Rolph argues that she broke his heart. He says that doesn't matter, he's taking things too far. Angela smiles as she realizes that Dwight is defending her and still has feelings for her.

Pam makes a play and twists her ankle. She says she can shake it off. Charles says it's a company picnic and it's a company injury so he insists on her going to the hospital to get it looked at. As soon as Jim carries Pam off the court Dwight screams and kicks the volleyball over a wall and says he'll go get it.

Michael and Holly have a very sweet and intimate conversation about how the sketch went over badly and no one laughed. Michael feels the perfect moment to say he's still in love with her and that they are soul mates but he stays silent. Instead he says they'll have great material for next year. Holly looks longingly into his eyes and says, "I can't wait till next year," with a sweet and loving smile.

Pam is taken into get x-rays as Jim tells Dwight to keep stalling. The nurse asks, "So there's been no previous exposure to radiation, no metal plates, there's no chance of pregnancy," and Pam says, "Can we just hurry up because I have a game to get back to." To which the nurse replies, "Oh good because my next question was, do you have a game to get back to?" And right there in the midst of a joke is the moment when we realize Pam is pregnant!!!

Michael says good-bye to Holly and A.J. and tells camera that he didn't say anything because the moment wasn't right. He thinks they have a long history and maybe next year he'll be with someone until one day it'll be perfect. Then he says, "I'm in no hurry." And he smiles with the knowledge that it'll all work out some magical day in the future. This is why we all root for Michael Scott. He's the eternal optimist.

Then the pregnancy pay-off happens as Jim goes into the exam room to get an update for Dwight and learns that Pam is pregnant! Jim is happy, then shocked, then happy again and hugs Pam. He goes into the hall and calls Dwight, he tells Dwight to send in the subs then he hangs up, tears up and goes back in to be with Pam.

A fantastic season ender. Jim and Pam wanted to elope in a previous episode and decided against it. They'll probably have to move up their date to get Pam into a dress before she begins to show. And we can only anticipate the jokes, situations and reactions (especially of Michael) as news of the blessed event hits the office.

The Office stars: Steve Carell / John Krasinski / Jenna Fischer / Rainn Wilson / B.J. Novak / Melora Hardin / Mindy Kaling / Brian Baumgartner / Leslie David Baker / Kate Flannery / Ed Helms / Angela Kinsey / Phyllis Smith

Story by Erin MacMillan-Ramirez

Starpulse contributing writer