“After Hours” takes us back to Tallahassee, where Dwight and Packer are both vying hard for Sabre’s VP job. They key to getting it, they think, is taking Nellie to bed. At first, Packer appears to be on the road to doing that, but Dwight enlists the help of Gabe, of all people. He slips something into Packer’s drink, and before you know it, Packer is blowing chunks (appropriately enough, onto Gabe’s beloved boot-cut pants).

Eventually Dwight manages to get Nellie to invite herself to his room, which is what he wants – sort of. As it turns out, he doesn’t want to go all the way; he just wants Nellie to want him. And it just may work. We’ll see what next week brings.

Kathy, meanwhile, has the hots for Jim, and she’s being pretty obvious about it. She shows up at his room (after hours) donning a tank top and shorts and says that the heating in her room is all screwy. She even takes a shower in Jim’s room after being disgusted by Dwight’s search for bedbugs. When Jim calls her out on her intentions, she insists nothing is going on. He believes her until she strips down to her underwear in his bed. It takes Dwight spraying chemicals to get her out. That’s persistence.

Erin and Ryan, meanwhile, seem to have a romantic thing going themselves. That is, until the thought of waiting a few months to date Erin leads Ryan to cry out, "I'm in love with Kelly" not so believably.

Back in Scranton, the gang is working after hours to log sales and deliveries. Or something. Basically it’s an excuse to make everyone in the same room. The only interesting to note about this is that Val’s boyfriend (who delivers Jamaican food for them) calls Darryl out on going after his girl, in front of everybody. Everything is smoothed over in the end, but Darryl does let Val know that the idea of them being together isn’t ridiculous.

What did you think of ‘After Hours’? Do you like where the story arc is headed? And where the hell is Robert California?