Some Celebrities love us (and you) more than others. Some celebrities are reclusive nomads who do a movie and then crawl back into whatever hole they live in away from the world, with no communication whatsoever until we hear about their next upcoming movie.

Other celebrities however, engage themselves with their fans. This used to mean interviews and autographs, but now, it means something slightly different. Social media  has allowed the celebrity crowd to communicate with their thousands of fans  instantly and with a great deal of personality.Even if they don't talk with each individual fan, they still project their personalities out there -  so we have a better idea of just who they are.

So,without further a-do, here are the most sociable celebs, on the 'webs. 

George Takei


Mr. Takei is well known on both Facebook and Twitter by those who appreciate some good humor every now and again. He doesn't tweet so much about his personal life, with the exceptional plug for a new movie or musical he may be working on. But his quirky gifs, jokes and political sense of humor are always good for a laugh.