Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive- This show should have been called, “I’m a son/daughter/cousin of a C-list Celebrity: Now I’m trying to get famous with their last name.”  The show starred Kourtney Kardashian (pre-fame), Brittny Gastineau (NFL daughter), Courtenay Semel (Yahoo heir), Alex Quinn, George Forman III, Pat Benatar’s daughter and Robert Blake’s son among other spoiled rich kids. Train wreck with a capital “T.”

Temptation Island- What happens when you mix a group of insecure couples with a bunch of hot singles? A hit Fox Reality show.  As deliciously addicting this was to watch, it wasn’t a surprise when it got canceled.  We’re not sure what was more upsetting, the fact that couples would agree to be on this show or the fact that we watched it.

Joe Millionaire- This reality show was so popular it had Survivor type ratings the first season. Bachelor Evan Marriott (notice they picked a great last name) was a millionaire looking for a bride. Oh, how the ladies came running and bent over backwards to impress him. But the joke was on the winner when she found out he was just an average guy.

Tommy Lee Goes to College – Only six episodes were made of this NBC reality show starring Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee in his attempt of completing his higher education. The show followed Tommy around the University of Nebraska as he went to class, joined a frat, and faced roommate problems. Was he really that bored with his life that he had to go all Billy Madison on the rest of the world?

Paradise Hotel- In this Fox show, a group of singles live in Paradise Hotel and compete with each other to stay at the resort the longest. Every week, couples paired up and share a room together and one person gets eliminated. If it seems confusing, it was, and that is why it was canceled. Yawn.

Farmer Wants a Wife- When we first heard this title, we were convinced someone was trying to pull our chain. But alas, it was a real television show starring real people and produced by people who were either very desperate for money or lost a bet to their interns. And yes, it is exactly what the title describes- a farmer wants a wife.  

The Price of Beauty- Jessica Simpson’s short lived reality show followed her around the world in search of what people thought was true beauty. Yes, Jessica has been the target of various bad picture scandals and weight issues but we weren’t surprised this VH1 show was canceled after one season. Did anyone besides Jessica’s dad even watch it?

The Swan- This 2004 Fox Reality Show was extremely controversial as the “ugly” contestants were transformed into beautiful swans by undergoing plastic surgery procedures. Each contestant had a special “bettering themselves” program put together for them by a coach, a therapist, a trainer, cosmetic surgeons and a dentist. Really America?

Bridalplasty- This E! Reality show pretty much takes the cake for the most ridiculous, controversial and shameful show on TV. Hosted by beauty queen and reality show star, Shanna Moakler, the show followers twelve women almost ready to walk down the aisle. The only thing missing? Their ideal self. To solve this problem, the women compete each week for a plastic surgery procedure. The ultimate winner of the show gets every surgery on her dream list and a husband who won’t recognize her when she walks down the aisle!