The 80s might have been the age of MTV and Heavy Metal, but don’t think that there weren’t some thrilling films rocking at the box office as well. This denim-clad, hairspray overflowing decade birthed the movie blockbuster megafranchise and the teenage angst anthem, selling out theater seats as galactic space emperors and high school heartthrobs sent cinematic shockwaves up our spines.

The movies may not have been as Oscar-worthy as those from ten years earlier. But just like the high top sneakers and parachute pants the defined the decade, these movies were loud, flamboyant, and instantly unforgettable. Here are the greatest movies from the 1980s.

Top Gun (1986)


Tom Cruise

Kelly McGillis

Val Kilmer

Yes, it’s cheesy and over the top. But “Top Gun” quenched our thirst for speed and highflying 80’s romance. The set Tom Cruises’ career path to new heights, and established new wave band Berlin as top hit makers with “Take my Breath Away.” More of a guilty pleasure movie than a good one, but its hard to find a film so emblematic of 80s Hollywood than this high-flying epic.