Sometimes actors have to suck it up and do their own stunts. Unfortunately, a lot of those celebrity movie stunts are totally needless. Here are some of the most dangerous stunts that should never have been included in the movies.

Jackass and Golf Carts

Leave it to the guys at Jackass to do something so stupid that they almost get themselves killed for a ridiculous laugh. MTV kept the Jackass crew on a leash (a long leash, but a leash) when they recorded episodes for the cable TV station. When it came time to make Jackass: The Movie, though, all bets were off.

Despite all of the stupid stunts that they pulled, the most dangerous occurred when Ryan Dunn and Johnny Knoxville took a golf cart at top speed over uneven ground. That seems tame enough, right? It probably seemed that way to them, too, until the gold cart flipped and almost smashed Knoxville's head into pieces.

Dunn was actually lucky. He got tossed from the cart. Knoxville, who remained inside, ended up with a concussion. It's way beyond anything you'd hope to see on BiteSize Extreme Sports.