Superman returns this weekend in "Man Of Steel," and the film has already raked in a whopping $170 million - in corporate sponsorships. Product placements in movies are nothing new, and everyone from Sears to Gillette wants a piece of the action as their products will most likely be put in front of the eyes of millions and millions when the movie hits theaters this Friday. (story)

It's already week 3 on "The Bachelorette," and this week the 16 remaining lads played some dodge ball in their quest to win the heart of the show's namesake, Desiree Hartsock. (story)

What the penultimate episode of the third season of "Game of Thrones" did in the way of action, the season finale did with words. While the show did manage to show even more deaths than last week's epic "Red Wedding," none were of any major importance and all were unnamed characters. No, this week it was the epic dialog -- especially in the King's Landing story arc -- filled with threats, promises and new quests, all of which set the table for season 4. If you haven't read the books, now is the time because it's going to be a long nine months until the premiere. (story)

The "Game of Thrones" season 3 finale was also the most pirated TV episode in history. (story)

A British tabloid published an article about Neil Patrick Harris using the "N word" during the telecast of the 2013 Tony Awards Sunday while on stage with former boxer Mike Tyson. Harris, who hosted the show, is outraged that anyone would think or accuse him of saying it. NPH hosted the awards ceremony for the fourth time and during the opening number he told the crowd that this year's ceremony was going to be "bigger." Some people need their ears cleaned out. (story)

FX series "The Americans," a drama about a pair of Russian cold-war era spies living in the U.S. and adapting to life in the Land of the Free landed four Television Critics Association Awards nominations. Next in line is AMC's "Breaking Bad." (story)

Science and chemistry ruled the Critics' Choice Television Awards (not to be confused with the aforementioned TCA Awards) Monday night as "The Big Bang Theory" and "Breaking Bad" took home multiple awards. The AMC meth drama had to share its Best Drama Series award with HBO's epic "Game of Thrones." (story)

Paris Jackson's biological mother has been keeping her distance from the hospital where her daughter is being held following a suicide attempt last week. Debbie Rowe, who gave up custody of her kids with Michael Jackson for a huge payday, has kept away because of the 24/7 paparazzi presence outside the UCLA Medical Center. Some of Paris's other family members visited the troubled teen over the weekend. (story)

Kanye West debuted two new songs from his upcoming album, "Yeezus," at this year's Governor's Ball in New York on Sunday. Ye told the crowd he has no plans on sending any singles to radio stations or having any type of major promotions. He says the music is just for the fans and he doesn't need the radio to promote it for him. (story)

"Star Wars" news: "Episode VII" director J.J. Abrams says he's not thrilled that he has to move to London to shoot the film, which is planned for a 2015 release. The director has filmed all of his movies in his native L.A. and doesn't like the idea of moving overseas, especially because he'll have to uproot his family, including his two kids who are in their early teens. (story)

Even better, Peter Mayhew, who played the Wookiee Chewbacca in the saga, is over seven-feet tall and relies on a cane to help him walk. His cane is awesome, too -- it's a lightsaber. The actor was held up at the airport by the TSA over the weekend, which didn't like the idea of him bringing it on an airplane with him. Mayhew shared his woes on Twitter, which actually came in handy. (story)

Joanna Krupa and her four not-nearly-as-sexy "Real Houswives Of Miami" co-stars showed off their curves in bikinis at a Las Vegas pool party over the weekend. Joanna showed off even more than that last weekend when she took off her top to give nosy paparazzi a show. (story)