J.K. Rowling is furious over the recent leak of her secret pen name. Despite the leak instantaneously sending her latest novel, "The Cuckoo's Calling" -- written under the name Robert Galbraith -- to the top of the best seller list, the "Harry Potter" author is upset with the law firm who leaked the information. Apparently one of the partners in the British firm Russels told his wife's friend the secret and she posted it to twitter. Horror author Stephen King praised Rowling using a nom-de-plume, but also said that based on his own experiences in using the name Richard Bachman for several of his novels, "it's an impossible secret to keep for long." (story)

This year's Emmy Award nominations were released on Thursday, and streaming movie service Netfilx has entered the fold, garnering nominations for its hit series "House Of Cards." F/X series "American Horror Story" landed a whopping 17 nominations, while HBO's "Game of Thrones" landed 16 nods. (story)

But the real question isn't who got nominated... it's who was snubbed. (story)

The stars were out for Wednesday night's annual ESPY Awards, and we think Selena Gomez looked the best, showing off her long, sexy legs. She seems to get hotter every day. Katherine Webb extended her fifteen-minutes with an appearance in a strange dress, and beach volleyball star Kerri Walsh also showed up after recently appearing nude for the sports net's annual "Body Issue" of its magazine. (story)

"Veep" star Anna Chlumsky -- who captured our hearts in 1991's "My Girl" -- has welcomed a little girl of her own. The actress gave birth to baby Penelope Joan on June 11. More good news came for the actress on Thursday, as she picked up an Emmy nomination for the show. (story)

Legendary R&B/pop singer Tina Turner was married to her longtime boyfriend Erwin Bach on Sunday. The couple wed in a Buddhist ceremony near Zurich, Switzerland. The singer has lived there for nearly two decades and is fluent in German now. In fact, she's a Swiss citizen now and renounced her citizenship in the U.S. (story)

Police in Vancouver, Canada issued a warning this week for heroin users to watch out when they shoot up because a very powerful strain of the drug has been circulating lately and causing overdoses. Actor Cory Monteith, who died of a heroin overdose over the weekend, did not have any of that type of H in his system when he died. (story)

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are set to make a special appearance on a "Family Guy" crossover episode. The show once parodied "The Simpsons" in the past, and now Matt Groening & co. will work with Seth MacFarlane & co. to bring the two animated families together. Both shows have now overstayed their welcome -- "The Simpsons" by at least a decade. Maybe this episode will actually be funny. (story)

Farrah Abraham is the latest star that Playboy allegedly turned down. The former "Teen Mom" star, who recently did a sex tape and got porn-star sized implants, is just the latest in a short list of pseudo-celebs rejected by the men's magazine. Some came close, and one even got in the door, but ultimately their nude photos were never published. (story)