Turns out Jimmy Kimmel was the mastermind behind that video of a girl "twerking" that went viral last week. Caitlin Heller ended up setting her pants on fire after a disastrous dance attempt in her apartment, and nearly everyone on the internet thought it was real. It wasn't. Well played, Mr. Kimmel. Well played. (story)

Blink-182 is set to play a 9/11 anniversary show in Brooklyn, New York and donate the money from the gig to the hospitals in New York. (story)

Sharon Osbourne revealed that she once hooked up with Jay Leno. The rock matriarch told the story on her show "The Talk" on Monday, sharing all the details of a time when she met Leno before either of them were married to their current spouses and had a "little fling" together. (story)

Tyra Banks has recreated the look of 15 different supermodels for a new photo shoot, including Cindy Crawford and newcomer Cara Delevingne. As if she wasn't scary enough already. (story)

Howard Stern's sidekick Robin Quivers revealed that she's been battling cancer and doing the show from home. She had a major surgery to remove a mass from her bladder and has undergone radiation and chemotherapy. (story)

Hugh Hefner's former girlfriend Holly Madison has wed longtime boyfriend Pasquale Rotella in a ceremony at Disneyland. The couple wed outside the entrance to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and their six-month-old daughter Rainbow attended. (story)

Actress Jordana Brewster is a first time mom after she and husband Andrew Form welcomed a baby boy, Julian, via a surrogate. (story)

Actress Emily Blunt is pregnant with her first child. She and husband Jon Krasinski married in 2010 and the couple's rep confirmed the news on Tuesday. (story)

A new painting from Dutch post-impressionist Vincent Van Gogh has been unearthed after 60 years of sitting in the attic of a Norwegian art collector. The painting, called Sunset at Montmajour was believed for decades to be a fake, but curators at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam have confirmed that it is authentic. (story)

Country singer Vince Gill confronted members of the Westboro Baptist Church who protested his concert in Kansas City, MO over the weekend. This is awesome... (story)

The nominees for the 2013 Country Music Association (CMA) Awards have been announced, and newcomer Kacey Musgraves leads the pack with five nominations. Taylor Swift garnered six nods, however three of them are for her collaboration on Tim McGraw's "Highway Don't Care", along with Keith Urban. (story)