Review: "The Hangover Part III": Alan (Zach Galifianakis.) is off his meds and his three buddies, Stu, Phil and Doug head up an intervention that ends with a trip to a mental facility in Arizona. Naturally the usual mayhem ensues and the "Wolf Pack" find themselves in Mexico and, once again, Las Vegas. Unfortunately this time around Todd Phillips and Craig Mazin fail to produce anything that actually stands out and the film "lacks the shock and absurdity that made the first film so laugh-out-loud funny." The film is nothing more than stale jokes "copied and pasted" from the first two installments in the trilogy. (story)

Amanda Bynes was arrested Thursday night and taken for a psychiatric evaluation after police found drugs in her New York City apartment. Amanda threw a bong out of her window also, landing her charges of reckless endangerment. There's no word if it was a glass or plastic bong. Will Amanda finally be forced onto the right track with her life after all her erratic behavior of late? (story)

Jennifer Aniston looks amazing at 44. Here's the proof: she plays a stripper in new movie "We're The Millers" and the film's first trailer is not only hilarious, but it features Jen stripping down to her lingerie and showing off her smoking hot body. The film also stars Jason Sudeikis and Emma Roberts and centers on a man sent on a trip to Mexico to pick up a "smidge" of pot from a drug dealer. He gets a fake family together to make it look like a simple family vacation, but when the "smidge" turns out to be enough to fill an RV, things take a turn for the worse. (story)

"Glee" star Lea Michele is writing her memoir for Random House. The book will be titled "Brunette Ambition" and be part autobiography, part style guide. 26 is a little young to be writing an autobiography, but when you're most likely at the peak of your career it's always a good idea to milk it for a little extra cash. (story)

J.J. Abrams addressed the recent Alice Eve controversy over his inclusion of a scene where she strips down to her underwear in "Star Trek Into Darkness." The director appeared on Conan O'Brien's talk show Wednesday night and said the scene, which has been labeled gratuitous by many, was left in the film to show Captain Kirk's (Chris Pine) "womanizing" persona. Abrams did offer up a deleted scene featuring bad guy Benedict Cumberbatch in the shower though. (story)

Want to sit next to Leonardo DiCaprio on the first commercial flight into space? It'll cost a cool $1.5 million -- the price one Cannes Film Festival-goer paid druing an auction for a spot on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic spaceship. The money will go to a good cause though: the AmfAR Cinema Against AIDS charity. A launch date for the trip hasn't been set yet. (story)

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" is still lingering -- the movie landed seven Teen Choice Award nominations. (story)

Heather Graham showed up to the London "Hangover Part III" premiere wearing a low-cut black dress and looking amazing at 43. Almost better than Jennifer Aniston at 44. Almost. (story)