Two of "The Voice" star Adam Levine's contestants on the show were voted off, and the Maroon 5 singer showed that his own voice is just fine by making a comment under his breath after we the people voted them out. "I Hate This Country," Levine uttered, not realizing his mic was still on. Naturally, the world freaked out and called for his head because no one's ever said those four words about anything before. Like when it was announced that Teen Mom-turned-porn-star Farrah Abraham would be getting her own reality show. (story)

Pimpin' ain't easy. Just ask "Inside the Actors Studio" host James Lipton, who represented a whole bunch of hookers in Paris after World War II. He said he worked for the Mafia during an era where there was little work for men and none for women, so his business was actually respectable. Lipton says he did it only for a year, but it was the best year of his life! (story)

EDM duo Daft Punk has topped the U.S. album charts for the first time with their latest album, "Random Access Memories," which debuted at number-one. The new disc can be heard thumping from tricked out Honda Civics and Chevy Neons at stop lights around the country. (story)

Speaking of punks, Justin Bieber is facing an investigation over driving his Ferrari up and down his street at high speeds. He says he didn't do it, but his neighbors, including former NFL star and current analyist Keyshawn Johnson, say it was definitely him. To make matters worse, the Biebs's pal, Lil Twist, was pulled over for speeding by police in said Ferrari on Tuesday. (story)

"The Hangover Part III" stars Heather Graham and Ken Jeong hit Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro over the weekend. The other stars of the film were there too, but we've only got pics of Heather and Ken (sorry ladies, no Bradley Cooper). (story)

Which celebrities have the sexiest beach bodies? Here's the rundown, complete with photos of said beach bodies, including Hollywood hunk Channing Tatum sans shirt and the always sexy Olivia Wilde. (story)

Ke$ha debuted her new video, "Crazy Kids," which features, and a bunch of burly, bearded men who look like the guys from "Duck Dynasty." Ke$ha had her hair done in cornrows for the video, wore plenty of bling, and, of course, showed plenty of skin. (story)

Kelly Rowland couldn't keep it together while performing her new song, "I'm really jealous of Beyonce." She stopped for a moment to wipe away the tears, and the fans had her back, giving her a rousing round of applause and shouting "Kelly! Kelly!" (story)

Bikini season is in full swing, and who better to prove it than Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel, who showed off lots of her backside in a yellow string bikini during some downtime in Miami over the weekend. (story)

The scariest thing you'll see today: Katherine Heigl without makeup. You can't unsee this. (story)